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Are you getting leads regularly from your blog?

Do you struggle to create the Lead Magnet?

If yes, then I can help you -

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My Biggest Mistake

In Initial days of my journey, I focussed only on creating great content like blog posts, but I never realised that collections of leads is very important.

It took declining views, Fewer responses that made me to realise that

“80% of your first time site visitors never returns.”

This made me to understand that how important is to capture the informations of website visitors to succeed. On other hand, this is also a truth that people rarely like to share their personal details for blog subscription.

So how to do then?

Do ethical bribe.

Give them something valuable at Free of cost and get their personal details like email, name and mobile numbers. So if you have their email id then whenever you publish a new blog post or launch a product, just share it on email to them and you will get a lot of returning traffic.

By this way you can keep in contact with these people and as they already know you, recognise you so it builds a better chance for you to convert them in to a buyer, a paying client.

With your list of email id, you can share information, offers over emails and can nurture your leads.

But here the Big Problem is –

It really takes lots of time and need experience to create Lead Magnets.

So what to do then?

I have a solution for you, what if I say that – I will provide a lead Magnet for you? You can just edit with your details and give it to your site visitors in the exchange of their email id.  You can even implement the information from the lead magnet for your business .

Sounds like Magical Solution , Right?

Yes, it is the magic box solution!

What is inside of Each Magic Box

We are offering you Four Lead Magnets in a Magic Box.

  1. Blog Post that sells
  2. Conversion Boost Pack
  3. Affiliate Advantage
  4. Simple Startup

Each above lead magnet contains following magic elements which can help you get insane leads.

  1. 7 emails Written For You
  2. eBook(Report) pdf and word file.
  3. Squeeze Page
  4. Book Cover

For More details, please read below.

You can offer 7 days email series as a Lead Magnet. Here we will give you well crafted and written in simple language. You can then put this in your autoresponder or send by your own to your leads.
It will build a great rapport with your Audience.

We will give you a detailed e-book or Report on each Lead magnet. This will be in the form of pdf and word file. Word file you can edit according to you. This e-book you can offer in the exchange of personal informations.
You can also get lot of knowledge after reading this.

We have also designed the opt-in page in html. You have to just place in your hosting server. That's it your beautiful opt-in page is ready.
No need to struggle and design web pages for your e-book.

Do not worry, we have also designed a beautiful book cover for you. And other beneficial images. These images you can use in emails or web pages.

These images will be in jpg as well as psd format incase youwant to edit it.

What are the Leads Magnets in this

Blog Post that sells

Learn the Secret of writing Blog Content that sell.

You can dramatically Increase your LIST SUBSCRIBERS & Sales with a Few Content Tweaks.

Your Blog Post Could get you lot more SignUps and Sales.

Learn how in this Report.

Simple Startups

Uncover the secrets of launching a profitable business using proven bootstraping strategies

Bootstrap your way to a profitable Business using the proven strategies found only in this report.

Learn How in the Report

Conversion Boost Pack

Find out how you can instantly Increase Clicks, Sales & Conversion Rates

It never been easier to boost the conversion rates.

This Report Includes Proven Strategies to increasing Conversion Rates!

Learn How in the Report

Affiliate Advantage

How to go from beginner to super affiliate instantly!

You Now have Everything you need to start making Serious money in Affiliate Marketing!

Discover How You can become A Super Affiliate and make more money than you ever thought possible!

Learn More in the Report.

One Time Offer

All 4 lead magnets
at the cost of INR 999 today

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  • Blog Post that Sells
  • Conversion Boost Pack
  • Affiliate Advantage
  • Simple Startups

Choose -- Single Lead Magnet at Rs. 999
All 4 at Rs 999

The Magic Box

4 Lead Magnets
999 One Time
  • 4 Lead Magnets
  • 7 email Series for each Leadmagnet
  • Report in Pdf format
  • Ebook in Word Doc Format
  • Squeeze Page
  • Book Cover( Jpg/PSD