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Online Digital Marketing Training Overview

Online Digital Marketing Training gives you the mandatory guidelines to make your websites appear on Google page one. This is a must-read survival guide for beginners and professionals.

Importance of Online Digital Marketing Training

“If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business”, so said the great Bill Gates, considered the richest man on the planet and one of the most successful entrepreneurs of all time. His words are taken as a sermon or as a word of advice for all the marketers out there. Be it for your personal use or for the promotion of a business, everything is going online today and there is no fact denying that. To survive in the digital world, you have to aware about the fine art of Online Digital Marketing Training.

How to get Online Digital Marketing Training

You have two ways to do so. The first one teaching yourself and the second one is, being taught by a teacher or a guru. Self-teaching is one of the best methods to empower yourself with new knowledge, but then it takes a lot of time and patience. You would also not have the benefit of someone to guide and advise you. So wouldn’t it be nice if you could opt for the second choice, i.e. learn the same with the help of a guru, a teacher, a mentor who will be able to mentor you, lead you to the right path? If you are the one who is more keen on the second choice, then that is where ‘Online Digital Marketing Training’ comes in.

You may have the moolah to buy a car, fill up the petrol tank, sit in the drivers seat but you just cannot drive off, you need someone to teach you how to drive, when to press the accelerator when you see the opportunity and when to go in for the brake, when you might apprehend danger of trouble in front of you. Wouldn’t it be more fun and interesting if you could have all these pieces of training absolutely for free and that too from an industry certified expert, who has been teaching and mentoring students worldwide for the last decade and more?

Anamitra a mentor in Online Digital Marketing Training

I would like to introduce to you myself, Anamitra Srivastava, your would befriend, teacher and guiding light. If you are reading this blog then as a citizen of the smart Gen X world, I no longer need to tell you any more about the importance of ‘online digital marketing training’.

You must wonder if digital marketing is a good career choice for you? Well, the answer is absolutely yes’. There are many channels in which you can excel and make a name for yourself if you have the right training to back you up. If you have still not started your online journey, then it is high time that you embark on one. You don’t need to be a programmer or a highly skilled technical person in order to master the online world. What is required is passion, dedication and the diligence to learn and apply the same?  

There are many arteries by which you can make your presence felt in the ever-buzzing world of ones and zeros. But since the options are many, you also need to figure out which one is going to work for you, specialize and be a master of the same. Our ‘online digital marketing training’ will help you to recognize your strengths and weaknesses and work on the same.

Online Digital Marketing Training | Learn and Earn

Now it is not only about learning, but also about implementing and earning from the same. You can learn from any other digital marketing training program on the internet but what good is it going to do to you if you cannot earn from what you learn. Would you keep your money in a bank which does not pay any interest? In my group which is known as  SquadNinja’, I will teach you the various and absolute legitimate methods to make money online. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than teaching a group of eager learners, nurturing them, guiding them and transforming them into smart players of the digital universe.

Once enrolled in my course, you will learn some unique and time tested strategies which will help you to survive and also create a presence for yourself.

Some of the various topics which I will cover in my ‘online digital marketing training’ program are:

Why Facebook is essential in Online Digital Marketing Training


Well, who can ignore the power and influence that Facebook has over our lives today? According to statistics, Facebook has 2 billion monthly active users which are more than the population of China. That’s a lot of numbers! Digital marketers all over the world are using the benefits of Facebook to reach out to more audiences and sell their products. With me, you will learn how to harness and use the true power of Facebook to your advantage.



If you are passionate about writing, then blogging is the perfect playground for you. Play around with your ideas, share your ideas, and learn to be a solution provider. Blogging is one of the most popular forms of online digital marketing. Learn techniques which by which you will be able to get more engaged with your audience. If you can run your blog successfully, which I will teach you how to, in my ‘online digital marketing training’, then achieving your dreams would be much easier for you.

Once you get used to what your audience is yearning to hear from you, the more successful will you be with your blog. Statistics say that there are an estimated 505 million blogs in the world today. Almost everyone is writing a blog, but few become successful. My teachings will guarantee that you learn the relevant chapters and learn to implement them in real-world challenges.

Website hosting and designing

Always wanted to create the perfect website for yourself or for someone else? But was afraid to do so because of the complex coding and cost involved? In my ‘online digital marketing training’ learn how to host your website, design and implement the same with WordPress. To tell you a little, WordPress is a website creation tool with a rather friendly Graphical User Interface. By using WordPress you will be able to work and see the results in real-time.

WordPress is probably the easiest and most powerful content management system in existence today. You can conceive and design amazing websites. WordPress runs almost 30% of the total websites that are there in the world today. That goes without saying, the influence that WordPress is having over web designers in the present scenario. Learn how to create user-friendly websites with the help of various tools and plugins are there for WordPress.

E-mail marketing


You might be asking me what is the big deal in writing an e-mail and sending it to someone. Well, to tell you the truth this form of marketing provides the most effective way of increasing leads, nurturing them and ultimately leading to sales. E.mail marketing also has probably the highest Return on Investments than any other online marketing channel today. You will learn how to automate the entire workflow through the help of various tools. You will also learn how to track your emails, build more personal engagement with your customers and increase your sales.

Does it seem interesting so far? Well, there are many more knowledge trees which I will be revealed before you once you enrol in my program. Oh! Did I tell you that this course is not entirely free? There is a certain price to pay for this course. I will require your absolute dedication and attention to my course for the next 60 days. That’s it.

You can enrol in the 60 Days Internet Marketing Course at Free of cost. Use Coupon Code FREE.

Get the details of the course here.

Hold my hand and embark on a fascinating journey into the awesome and spellbinding world of ‘online digital marketing training’. Let me ensure a better future for yourself and for all the other eager learners of your fraternity.

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