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17 Off Page SEO Techniques You Need To Know in 2020

Let us actually look at what is Off Page SEO, before actually looking at What is Off Page SEO Techniques.

The reason being, I still see a lot of beginners and few SEO professionals confused around this topic. That’s why understanding what is Off Page optimization in SEO is really important before we dive in much further.

What is Off Page SEO?

It stands for Off Page Search Engine Optimization, filled with multiple activities to perform out of your website.

Off Page Search Engine Optimization is a type of SEO.

There are 3 main types of SEO activities for any blogger, or website owner to perform;

If you’re interested to implement these 3 types of SEO activities?

Then I would recommend you to have a quick look at the Advanced SEO Master Class program.

Now to learn further let us continue with our article.

In order to rank your Content, Blog or Website, you will have to perform Off Page SEO.

off page SEO activities
off page seo techniques

I have seen lots of people with the mindset that Off Page SEO is everything only about Backlinks. Well, that is not completely true. There are multiple activities to perform in Off Page SEO like;

  • Link Building
  • Social Media Management
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Content Development
  • Brand Mentions
  • Blog Management

These are the activities, and today you will understand how to perform Off page SEO step by step.

For your understanding, before we look at Off Page SEO techniques, let us also at what are backlinks

Backlinks are those types of links that bring user traffic from other websites to your websites.

Generally, you see this when you are reading good quality content and the content writer has put another domain’s link in that paragraph.

This can be done to give a reference or if the writer really wants his audience to learn something which resonates truly with the current topic you are reading.

In other words, Backlinks are links that join two different domains together.

backlink types
types of backlinks

Earlier there were only 2 types of Backlinks – Do Follow and No Follow but Google added a third type of link in 2019 called sponsor link

Let us look at all of them

Do Follow Backlinks are the most important backlinks for any website.

They pass Link Juice to Google Crawler and Bots who like to follow, by going from one website to another website.

A Do Follow Backlink is very important and works best for Website Ranking, Domain Authority, and Page Authority.

No Follow Backlinks were also important until 2019. But post the year 2019, No Follow Backlinks lost its importance in terms of SEO.

Nowadays a No Follow Backlink is only beneficial for a Blogger or website owner to bring traffic to their blogs or web pages.

The reason being, a No Follow link does not pass any Link Juice.

These are links that get generated from paid promotions. If you are running campaigns on advertising platforms like Google, Facebook, etc. these links will get formed.

I have tried to give basic information with regard to the 3 types of Backlinks. We will now look at why Off Page SEO is so important to perform.

Why is Off Page SEO so Important?

All types of SEO activities are equally important to rank your website but Off Page SEO holds a big helping hand in achieving better ranking results for your website.

It helps your website in the following areas;

  • Online Branding
  • Getting High Traffic
  • High Audience Reach
  • Lead Generation
  • Increase Domain Authority
  • Fast Indexing

Let us look at how best Off Page SEO techniques help us in achieving better results in the following;

1. Online Branding

If you’ve performed proper Off Page SEO optimization then your website stands a better chance of ranking higher in Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

That will eventually increase your visibility and thus affects your Online Branding in a much more positive way.

2. Getting High Traffic

Due to proper Off Page SEO implications, your website will start getting more and more traffic. Of course, the increase in traffic will happen gradually and this gradual increase is called natural organic growth.

I have seen websites going from 100 visitors to 1000 unique visitors in a span of 6 months.

3. High Audience Reach

Writing good content and combining it with powerful Off Page SEO tactics, can get your content viral in no time.

Viral content on the Internet is so good that it keeps getting shared by readers through social media networking sites, other websites, private platforms, etc.

This sudden increase in visitors rate is termed as High Audience Reach.

4. Lead Generation

If you are into selling products or services online and have landing pages for your products.

I would recommend to create content and apply Off Page SEO techniques to raise the bar and get your webpage on the top of SERP.

This can drastically increase your leads and you can start converting them into customers.

5. Increase Domain Authority

If you’ve ever wondered about increasing your website’s Domain Authority.

Then understanding what is Off Page optimization in SEO, should be your first priority.

As I said earlier creating good quality Backlinks, will surely increase your website’s Domain Authority.

6. Fast Indexing

Indexing is a part of Technical SEO in a big way. But what about social shares?

If you’ve written good quality original content, I would suggest you to perform as many social shares as you can.

Social shares are nothing but sharing your web page (of content) on different social websites.

This method will increase your web page’s indexing at a much faster pace.

Benefits You Get By Performing Off Page SEO

There are multiple benefits you get by doing Off Page SEO. Let us look at how to do Off Page SEO that creates good quality Do Follow Backlinks and ranks your blog/websites on the top of SERP.

Best 17 Off Page SEO Techniques in 2020

1. Sharable Content Creation

social shares off page seo
social shares

Most of them might think Content Creation is a part of On Page SEO. But if that content gets shared through your website, then that content starts getting Sharable Backlinks.

Question: How will other readers share your content?

Answer: You will have to create a Shareable Content bar at the top or bottom of your webpage.

I have seen few bloggers make it sticky, that keeps flowing up and down as you scroll your mouse through the web page.

Remember, the content you’ve written must be shared by others by clicking on the shareable site buttons that you have provided.

2. Social Media Engagement

social media engagement
social media engagement

I am sure by now you must have very well known that Social Networking Websites do not give you high-quality backlinks.

The reason is simple, they are interested to serve and cater their audience on their platform.

Then how would you increase your website’s reach by using social media?

Let’s pick up Facebook as an example here.

You could start a Facebook page and a group for people who are interested in topics that you have mentioned on your website.

Write good quality content on your website, cut short small snippets from that content, and post it in the Facebook group.

That way you are delivering value to your audience in your Facebook group and also letting them know that your website exists in this space.

Leaving it to them for visiting your website, if in case they are interested in learning more about any topic. This dramatically increases website traffic.

The only thing you need to remember over here is that post short content on social media sites but leave a curiosity factor in your reader’s minds.

This way your reader will definitely come to check out the missing keys of the lock, i.e. content on your website.

3. Guest Blogging

This comes under the best SEO Off Page techniques and is decent enough to capture Do Follow Backlinks, but it should be done with care.

In this method you will have to write and publish a blog on someone else’s website.

The other website should be in the same niche as yours. This website’s Domain Authority and Page Authority should be a little above yours.

Most importantly the website should be secure and its spam score should be lesser than 5%

If you are getting a question in your mind that how to find such websites who accept guest blogging?

Then let me tell you how to find such websites…

Through Facebook

guest blogging facebook groups
guest blogging facebook groups

You can search for Guest Blogging Groups on Facebook and join them. Most of the members in such groups are either accepting a guest post or waiting for you to accept them as guest bloggers.

Google Search

guest blogging google search
guest blogging google search

To search for guest blogging through Google, you will need to type keywords like the following;

  • “Guest Blogging”
  • “Free Guest Blogging”
  • or “Free Guest Blogging Website”
  • “Free Guest Blogging Website + Keyword”

Mind you this won’t explicitly filter your niche, but it will give you a broad spectrum of websites that are accepting guest blogging.

You will have to go through a few and select the ones which match your niche.

4. Web 2.0 Submission

web 2.0 submission backlink
web 2.0 submission backlink

This Web 2.0 websites are such that their Domain Authority and Page Authority are very high.

Create your account on such websites. Start writing good quality content or curate existing content from your website and publish it here.

To understand the all the steps of completing this task I would recommend you to read how to create Do Follow Backlink in Web 2.0

Later on, you can create a link that links back to your content. Make sure the content you add on these websites, should be from the same niche as it is on your website. Doing it immediately will also not look right.

This is one of my hot favorite method of creating good quality Do Follow Backlinks.

5. Social Bookmarking Sites

social bookmarking on scoop it
social bookmarking on scoop it

These are websites where we can bookmark our website, blogs, or a post.

You will have to create your account on such websites.

The plus point of this Best Off Page SEO technique is that you will get a decent level of traffic from such websites.

Having said that, this method also helps in giving quality Backlinks in return.

I have tried to compile a few Social Bookmarking Sites which can help you achieve this tactic.

If you don’t know what a broken link is. Not to worry, Broken Links are those links which have either expired or are not working, the webmaster must have changed the URL of the link.

The manual method is to find Broken Links on any website by searching it. Whereas if you want to search broken links quickly.

Then you will have to use some tools

Check My Links is an awesome Google Chrome extension that lets you find broken links of any website. Following that, you will have to contact the owner of the website and offer him/her your links instead of the old broken link.

This will help that website owner in retaining his website ranking and in return, it will help you in getting a Do Follow Backlink.

7. Podcast Submission

podcast submission
podcast submission

In 2020, Podcast Submission is a very effective and latest Off-Page SEO Technique.

With the help of this technique, you can really achieve high-quality Do Follow Backlinks.

Let’s say you have written a blog about digital marketing and now you wish to create a small podcast for that.

Create a short podcast explaining a few things about digital marketing and submit your podcasts to different podcast submission websites. Find the digital marketing category and submit it. You can also submit 1 podcast on multiple different podcast submission websites.

People who listen to your podcast on those websites might start coming to your blog for getting more information if they have found your content useful for them.

This pff page seo techniques will bring you unique visitors and it will also give you Do Follow Backlinks.

Podcast Submission Website List

8. Video Submission

video submission websites off page seo techniques
video submission websites

Just like Podcast Submission, Video is also one of my favourites off page SEO techniques this technique will also require you to create video content and post it on free video submission websites like YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

Make sure the video is a short and quick explanation of the entire topic related to the blog post. The video must be original and unique, for people to click on it.

This Off Page SEO technique can drastically increase your web page’s dwell time by 10X and decrease the bounce rate effectively.

9. Infographic Submission

infographic submission off page seo techniques
infographic submission

You will get amazed at hearing this, that there are more than 10,000 Infographic Submission Websites on the Internet.

These are websites where you can share your Infographics directly or you can submit the URL of your infographics. Infographics help in increasing user engagement on your web page.

Another advantage of using Infographics on your blog is that you get shares and Backlinks from authority websites.

List of Infographic Submission Websites

10. Press Releases

For using this Best Off Page SEO technique, you should be in good terms with Journalists or News Channel writers. If you work hand in hand with Journalists from famous News Channels, you have quite the advantage of getting your content in the front. That will not only give your content visibility but it will also provide high-quality Backlinks.

You can even submit a video to such channels if they are accepting, based on your niche and the journalist’s article. Eventually, that can even get you an Interview on that channel if you are an expert in your space. These tactics can surely boost your brand online.

Free High PR Press Release Submission Sites List 2020

11. Email Outreach

This can be called as one of the most important techniques in Off Page SEO. Because with the help of Email Outreach you can quickly create High-Quality Backlinks.

It works in this way, whenever you are reading a blog post written by someone else and you feel a concept from that post could be explained better by you. You write a blog related to that concept or keyword and reach the website owner with your content via Email, hence it is called Email Outreach.

In the email, you simply relate the owner’s blog post stating that you have written a complete blog for the concept which was missing on their web page. By asking a textual reference or a Backlink in return. This will add extra value for that website owner’s audience and your audience too.

This technique is like a win-win situation for both parties. You can take it to one step further by sharing that website owner’s blog post on your social groups. This way you are building good relationships in your space.

12. Directory Submission

directory submission
Directory submission

I have heard many people say that Directory Submissions are no longer taken into consideration by Google.

But let me tell you one thing, performing Directory Submissions for your website on niche related Directory Submission Websites can dramatically increase your website’s Domain Authority.

Keep in mind the following points before performing Directory Submission;

  • Related to Niche: The Directory Submission Website must be related to your website’s niche
  • High DA/PA: The Directory Submission Website must have a high DA/PA
  • Spam Score: That Directory Submission Website should have very less or zero spam score.

Directory Submission Website List

13. Forum Posting

forum posting off page seo techniques
Forum posting

These websites allow you to post your questions and answer other users questions.

You will have to create an account and search the category according to your niche or interest. Post questions or answer user’s questions which will be seen as threads.

While answering other user’s question you can share your links. Make sure you are solving someone’s problem. Do not write for the heck of sharing your link. Please try to give value and share a link, only if necessary.

Try to get along in the community and let others know that you are sharing valuable content. In no time you will see a growth on your website traffic. As members from your forum community will start visiting your website.

Note: If your account is new then try to create only 2 to 3 Backlinks per post.

Forums Posting Website List

14. Repurpose Content

repurpose content off page seo techniques
repurpose content

As I said earlier, you will have to create content for multiple platforms. Let’s say you have created one blog post and want to promote that post via social media.

What would you generally do?

Just keep reposting it on several social media platforms. Well, that is not better than what I am trying to say over here.

Repurpose your already created content into multiple different styles. You can take small snippets from your main blog post and post it on different social media platforms, provided it gives value to your readers. Keep the curiosity factor and see how many readers try to connect with your micro-content get pulled back to your website’s main content.

I am absolutely sure that if you have written something that solves someone’s problem, they are definitely going to visit your website’s blog post. This way you get traffic and if the reader likes your content, he/she may refer to your content in their upcoming blog post.

With Repurpose Content strategy you can convert your content into the following;

  • YouTube Videos
  • From Videos to Audio Podcast Episodes
  • From BlogPosts to SlideShare Presentations
  • Cut short snippets from the main Blog Posts and give out as short Answers to various questions in Quora.
  • Republish your Blog Content on Medium or LinkedIn using Canonical Tags back to your site.
  • Create Infographics and post on Social media sites
  • Create short snackable videos and post as stories on social media sites like Instagram and Facebook.

A good and definite technique of getting high-quality backlinks. Remember giving value through your content, has always indirectly been fruitful when looking at Off Page SEO techniques.

15. Influencer Outreach

I am guessing you must have heard about Influencers and Influencer Marketing. But, you have never ever heard about Influencer Outreach as an Off Page SEO Technique.

Nowadays this is taking a rise in the industry.

Social Media Influencer Outreach is a part of Influencer Outreach and is done by a Social Media Influencer. These are people who share your content on social media. Be it textual content, video, audio, image, anything. They are good at sharing the content and increasing visibility for your content.

You can find Social Media Influencers on social media platforms as well as on Google.

Buzz Sumo
buzz sumo

Here I will acknowledge you with a tool, called BuzzSumo. BuzzSumo is a web analytics and a Keyword Research Tool.  From this tool, you can perform multiple SEO activities, even including research and content monitoring.

buzz sumo keyword research off page seo techniques
buzz sumo keyword research

I will give short information regarding how to start with BuzzSumo. Go to the main dashboard of BuzzSumo, put your keyword and hit search. You will see a lot of similar keywords and topics related to your search query. Following that, you will have to click on view shares and check the number of shares that the post has received. With that, you will also be able to see the Influencer’s profile next to the number of shares.

buzz sumo influencer list off page seo techniques
buzz sumo influencer list

Next is to contact them for sharing your content. I will reveal a sample Email on how to contact them for getting to share your content.

 Influencer Outreach Email (SAMPLE)
 Hi [First Name] There,
I followed you on Twitter/Facebook (URL) and noticed that you retweeted great articles related to [Topic].

I’ve written a post that I just published and would love your feedback.
It matters a lot to me.
Here’s the post – [Post Link]
I’m very sure that you will love it!

Keep Rocking
Deep Kumar 

16. Comment Luv

This is one of the most important and best Off Page SEO techniques in creating High-Quality Backlinks.

CommentLuv is a type of Plugin. As the name suggests, websites that are running with CommentLuv Plugins are ready and eager to get comments from their readers. There are many reasons for this, as the website owner might be trying to improvise his/her content through real feedback and experiences given by readers.

Here you can comment and also be assured of getting good quality backlinks. Just make sure to add value to their content through a comment and your work will also get done.

The best part of websites running CommentLuv is that your comment will immediately get approved and you are bound to get their visitors on your blog posts if people have found your comment to be valuable.

List of Comment Luv Websites

17. Business Listings

business listings off page seo techniques
business listings

Well, many of you know that a business listing website is where multiple businesses have been listed.

Question: How can that help you in SEO?

Answer: It is a part of Local SEO. But I will also tell you why I have revealed this option over here.

You can easily create Backlinks on a Business Listing website. You will just need to keep the following parameters in mind before using this Off Page SEO technique;

  • Website Age: This is one of the most important criteria. The business listing website must be at least 3 years old, in order for you to start your backlink creation activity.
  • DA/PA: Domain Authority and Page Authority should be at least 20
  • SSL: That Business Listing website should be having HTTPS
  • Spam Score: The Business Listing website should have the least possible spam score.

Business Listings Website List


In this blog post, I have not only shared with you about Off Page SEO but also given information about best 17 Off Page SEO techniques with examples.

By learning this list of Off Page SEO techniques and implementing all the strategies. You will surely create a good number of backlinks for your website or blog.

For learning more information about SEO and other updates, join our newsletter and get the latest information delivered to your email.

If at all your SEO is not delivering expected results, you may want to give a quick look at fixing your SEO.

Humble Request: I have done a lot of hard work in order to share this valuable information with you. If you have found it useful or if you have furthermore techniques. Do share it with me in the comments section. Let us all learn and grow together.

Thank You

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