My Secrets To Find Best Keyword And Create Perfect SEO Friendly Title

If you are at this page, then i am 100% Sure that you know the Importance of Keyword. And you want to know the Solid Strategy for Keyword Research.

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Following things are covered inside the sheet.

Part 1 – Researching the Best Keyword for my Niche

Part 2 – Creating Perfect Title.

Most of the people highly depend on the high-priced SEO tools.

There is two problems in this – 

  1. If you are beginners, you can not afford this.
  2. Most of the people using the same tool, what will be your extra edge?

Now, We need to find a solid technique through which –

  1. You could research keywords without using highly paid tools.
  2. You must have your unique and solid way to find these Goldmine keywords.

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In this sheet, I will also reveal, how can you choose the Perfect Title..

Just One Question – 

Most people, give you suggestions regarding the no of words or character in your Title.

But Do you know what should be the Ideal Title Pixel for your Title?

I will tell you in this Secret sheet.

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