Instagram Dental Practice | Why Important for Dentist

If you’re a dentist, looking to increase your customer base, then you should start Instagram Dental Practice

Then, online marketing is the right place for you.

In online marketing, social media is one of the most effective ways to engage and attract patients without burning a hole in your pocket.

Facebook and Twitter are frequently used social media platforms.
But in recent times, Instagram has developed into this powerful tool to connect with your prospects.

With over 800+ million active monthly users, 500+ million of those being daily active users.
This platform has the capacity for businesses to engage with new and existing patients.

So, if you are considering using Instagram Dental Practice to get more patients, then here’s a guide only for you to nail this game.

Before we get into the functionality part of Instagram.
We need to  see “What makes Instagram different from other social platforms?”

The visual nature of Instagram gives it a competitive advantage over others.
Plus, we’re visual creatures, and this platform provides a never-ending feed of visually pleasing content.

This looks like a vacation from the thick walls of text-based information on other platforms.

This content invokes emotions and allows dental practices to have interpersonal connections with their target audience.

Given the fact that Instagram gives its users a higher level of anonymity, they feel to like, comment and engage with posts without the fear of being judged publicly.

This is one of the key reasons Instagram enjoys such enormous popularity and serves as a medium to explore issues that one might not want to discuss on other social media platforms.

Now we can discuss “how to use it for our dental practice?”

The first thing to do is, To Create a Business Account:

To Create a Business Account for Instagram Dental Practice

As with any social platform, the best promotion methods and platform metrics are available to those who use business accounts instead of personal accounts.

There’s nothing wrong for a dentist having a personal Instagram account and even cross-sharing posts from time to time, but in Instagram Dental Practice. 

You can link your personal account to your professional account using profile links in the personal account bio.

Follow these steps to link to your other social media accounts:

First, click the settings button on your profile. Second, in the account section, click to create a business profile.

Your business account should be a made public account so change it from private account settings.

Select the social media page where you are the admin and click on ‘link my account’ to the required social media page.

Once you enter the ‘Setup Your Business Profile’ page, provide all the details and that’s it your Instagram business account is ready for use.

let’s see when and what post on your Instagram feed.

When Should You Be Posting Your Content for Instagram Dental Practice

You Be Posting Your Content for Instagram Dental Practice:-

Regular posts are essential if your practice is to climb the Instagram ladder and garner the eye it needs.

One post every two days, if not every day, is what you should aim for—enough to maintain a relationship with your target audience, but not too many to become irritating.

There are many myths floating around on the net that there are specific prime times once it involves posting on Instagram.

Some studies have suggested that weekdays tend to more traction and traffic than the weekends.

But, the best way to figure out what works for your business is to use Instagram’s own analytics tool, which allows you to work out times and days of the week produce the most interaction.

Next, let’s look at,

What Kind Of Content Will Work For Your Instagram Dental Practice:

The key is, not to make your practice perceived as boring. We need to make sure there is a wide variety of content on the page as shows off the personality of our dental practice.

For example, Before and after photos of patients, help to highlight the treatments you offer and what results patients can expect.

These, aboard photos of your employees exhibiting their work, also create the impression that your dental team is approachable and friendly.

Posting on discounts or offers, oral health advice, can help to invoke interest in your audience.
In an age where people are offering fitness and nutrition advice on Instagram, it is important not to underestimate the importance of health advice.

You should also, regularly add videos as posts to the page. As this is easy to do and is great for engagement.
Just directly record videos (which last up to sixty seconds) or post prerecorded videos, with filters, time, and site additional.

The Hashtags that can be used for your dental practice and also the need of influencers.

#Hashtags That Will Work For Our Instagram Dental Practice:

Just like Twitter and Facebook, Instagram users live for Hashtags. In fact, this help to sort the content into searchable categories.

so you would want to use obvious them like #dentistry etc and also don’t be afraid to be more specific and tag your specialties, such as #orthodontics or #pediatricdentistry.

One could even go as far as #braces or #Invisalign and don’t forget to use generic tags, such as #happysmiles and #whitenyoursmile.

It always needs to be consistent with your practice and also never forget to add your geographic location.

Each post can have up to 30 of them, to build a strong list and tag each image with as many as you want to apply.

The Need Of Influencers For Your Dental Business for Instagram Dental Practice:

If you find a local Instagram health or beauty influencer (someone who has a massive following and lots of interaction), Do provide them some services to that person as they can help in marketing your business.

Influencer marketing can boost any brand by 64 %. It is advisable to allocate some of your marketing budgets rather than spending them on ads alone.

So far we have only discussed the organic ways to help grow our business through Instagram.

Let’s understand why to consider paid ads on Instagram.

The Need Of Paid Ads On Practice:

While ads were slow to take off on Instagram, business account owners shifting there focus to paid ads.

In early 2017 alone, the number of monthly advertisers on Instagram surpassed the one million mark.

This got them 120 million users in one-month time span through Instagram on their website.

Before we conclude this blog. We shouldn’t be doing these if you‘re business is planning to generate leads.

Never Post Too Much

No one likes their feeds to be filled with posts on the same page. By doing so, you have the risk of getting unfollowed.

Therefore, keep a schedule on the number of posts you would like per day. Ideally, one to two posts in a day would be good enough for a dental practice

Never Post Photos with Words

On Instagram, the final opinion is to post real photos. So don’t do the error of posting photos with words. Instead, you’ll be able to give transient info in your caption section.

Don’t Overuse # In Your Posts

People usually get irritated, if you there are excessive hashtags on your post. Therefore, use few but relevant ones only.

Here’s are some  tips, you should consider If you want to use it successfully:

Set specific, measurable, and realistic objectives.

This can be in the form of gaining 10 new followers every week or an increase in comments and likes for your posts.

You can plan to host contests with a decision to act and generate responses from concerning one hundred individuals.

The contest will be for best ikon or video sharing.

This way you’ll comprehend what’s working for you and wherever you would like to change in the way you connect with your audience.

Always use a business account as Instagram will provide analytical data. To monitor your performance and create any changes if required.

I would finally like to conclude by saying that, Instagram is a powerful visual tool and is worth adding to your practice.

With so much potential to showcase smiles and a user base heavily into fitness and health, it’s the next big thing for dentists seeking to enhance their online profiles.

Instagram Dental Practice

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