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At SquadNinja, we believe there's a better way to do marketing. A more interesting, a ton less annoying way. Customers are earned (and they stay for life).

We're obsessively passionate about it. Our mission is to help Internet driven businesses achieve this.

We believe there are three key focus areas to run really successful Internet businesses. Success being measured as the income delivered by the business.

The three key focus areas being:

Search Engine Optimization

Facebook Advertising

Copywriting, which sells like crazy

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1. Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O)

S.E.O. is one of the least understood, least transparent, aspects of terrific organic marketing.

Organic marketing, being the acquisition of a huge amount of focused site visitors, without spending a penny to reach them.

Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O.) is the practice of getting targeted traffic to a website from a search engine’s organic rankings.

Common tasks associated with SEO include:
Creating high-quality content
Optimizing content around specific keywords
Building backlinks

S.E.O. is all about creating the right kind of content, which will make the website URL rank as high as possible, in the organic section of a search engine results page.

I'm excited to simplify S.E.O. techniques. Making them work perfectly for you.

I’ve ensured a huge flow of organic, search engine driven, inbound traffic to 1000’s of my client’s websites.

Today, SquadNinja will help make S.E.O. really work for you. You in?

Hi! I'm Deep Kushwaha
I live, eat, breathe and dream S.E.O. It's been my passion for 7 years.
Deep Kushwaha
Deep Kushwaha pic

Deep is a Google certified S.E.O. specialist.He is also a Mentor & Trainer and Co-Founder of SquadNinja.

He comes from a middle-class family. His dad is a farmer. His mom a home maker.

That really makes him the salt of this earth. With a heart of gold.

For 7+ years he's worked with nuanced S.E.O. He's made ton's of client's smile. Because he's brought them bucket loads of focused site visitors, organically. They did not spend a penny on advertising.

He's trained more then 300 Internet driven business owner's in the art of optimizing their websites to work perfectly with search engines.

His goal is to mentor 1 Lakh Internet driven business owners (and others, keen on S.E.O.) to achieve complete S.E.O. success.

2. Facebook Advertising.

Facebook is probably the most neglected online advertising channel of them all.

How often have you heard business owners say things like:

 Facebook has been dead since everybody’s parents started using it.

 Instagram has 10x the engagement rate!

 Email crushes Facebook.

Facebook has the biggest user base. Over 2 billion monthly active users. They make an obscene amount of money through their advertising system.

I think there’s a whole bunch of hypocrites out there.

If 1$ out of every $10 in advertising, is spent on Facebook ads, why does everyone shun the platform?

Except for a few using it really successfully? Here success being measured as attracting tons of focused site visitors to their landing/Sales page.

Their $1 investment, returns between $3 to $8 consistently.

You know what I think? I think a ton of Internet businesses try Facebook ads. Fail. Then blame Facebook.

People usually suck at making Facebook ads work for them. They don’t truly understand their target audience. They display their FB ads, in the news feed, of all the wrong people.

Today, SquadNinja can help you make Facebook Advertising really work for you. You in?

Hi! I'm Anamitra Srivastava.
I'm obsessive about earning three to five times the money I invest in Facebook Advertising.
Anamitra Srivastava
Anamitra Sriviastava pic

Anamitra resigned his job at T.C.S. India's leading software development company.

He was bored stiff with work, which had ceased to challenge him.

Searching for a more meaningful existence, he discovered Facebook Advertising.

FB Ads, delivered all the challenges he ever wanted, and then some.

He's never looked anywhere else subsequently.

That's what passion does to a person.

3. Copywriting.

Copywriting, the single skill which rules them all.

Copywriting is about:

Getting prospects to want to engage with you. Not spamming them with offers.

Generously giving something valuable to prospects. Not just greedily asking for what you want first.

Getting prospect to want to buy from you. Because they enjoy your content and help.

All driven by the words, sentences and paragraphs you craft.

Delivered to prospects via your website pages and blog posts.

This single skill delivers phenomenal, site conversions and sales.

This is the skill which SquadNinja ignites, and matures in
entrepreneurs, newbie copywriters and content creators.

How to get phenomenal conversions and sales, using words and sentences in your content?

Training and support delivered by seasoned, passionate, copywriters.

Read about the skill and experience, Ashish, Subhankar and Ivan bring to the copywriting table. Adjacent.

Don't make any snap decision to learn copywriting from them.

Compare their collective skill and experience, with any other copywriting course you're thinking of joining.

The make an informed decision to learn the art of copywriting with SquadNinja.

That's what learning from experienced, passionate writers does.

Hi! We are Ashhish Jain, Subhankar Bhaduri, and Ivan Bayross. Copywriting is why we wake up each morning. Excited to meet the day. Crafting copy that sells brilliantly is our passion.
Ashish Jain
Ashish's pic

Ashish Jain is a freelancer content writer from Delhi, India.

He is the one who is responsible for assuring the quality of service which SquadNinja delivers.

Here's something that Ashish can do which no one else in SquadNinja does. Hs secret passion is the stock market.

He's so good at this, that he's been featured in the India Infoline (A stock brokerage firm) company's social media page.

He writes about stock investment which are published on wealthhunterindia. They are a personal finance management website, in Delhi.

Ashish is an avid reader who believes that investment in self provides the biggest returns.

The following quote sums up what he feels should be the approach of every person: “Spend like a beggar and invest like a king”.

AND he's a copywriter. With a background like this it's a total win:win for Ashish and his clients.

Subhankar Bhaduri
Shubhankar's pic

Subhankar is an avid photography and music lover. Two really creative areas.

He leverages such creativity to craft the most engaging content.

A Commerce graduate, he takes care of business acquisition for SquadNinja. He brings in new business deals. Provides solutions to potential buyer queries.

Subhankar can often be found taking short trips to the outskirts of Kolkata with his camera and telephoto lens.

Invariably he has his favorite bluetooth headphones plugged into his ears, listening to the music he loves, while snapping candid pictures.

Ivan Bayross
Ivan's pic

Ivan's a Gemini/Cancer cusp born. Who has a whacky sense of humor, which is tied to an M. Tech from Manchester U.K.

He's spent more than 40 years coding. He still codes BTW. While on this journey, he discovered he could write.

Ask him how he discovered his writing skills, and he'll say:
- My wife Cynthia, of 44 years, told me I could write
- I learned long ago, never to argue with her

So he wrote and published 80+ books. A ton available on Amazon.

He still writes.

Ask Cynthia about this and she'll say:
- Ivan loves his computer more that he loves me, BUT that's perfectly OK.
- His obsession with a laptop brings in enough money to make me the happiest wife on earth.

A perfect marriage, wouldn't you say???

Ivan says he's forgotten the number of Home, About, Landing/Sales pages he's crafted (or edited). The number of Facebook Ads whose body copy he’s tweaked. The number of content marketing campaigns he’s successfully run.

What matters in the end, is that he's paid handsomely, by clients across the globe, because he's a wordsmith.

Anything to do with copywriting (i.e. writing that sells) is a big turn-on for him.

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