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How You Can Become a Successful Freelancer In India


Do you want to know how you can become a successful freelancer in India?

Ok, let me tell you a short story..

Amit, a 27-year-old research analyst from Delhi, earns a monthly salary of Rs 45,000. However, his overall monthly earnings exceed Rs 80,000.


Well, Amit is freelance in India writer and web developer. He attends office from 9 am to 5 pm and work as a freelancer in India for various national and international clients after that. Working for four to five hours on a daily basis enables Amit to earn over Rs 25K every month.


freelancer in India

Freelancing has proved itself to be the best way to earn just by working 2-3 hours every day on the internet.

You Can Also Earn Money To Become freelancer in India

You can earn while you are doing your job and can earn more. Freelancing assures to obligate many types of works or temporary projects or agreements with various organizations, companies, websites etc., devoid of any lasting contract.

Freelancer in India might charge by an hour, day, per-project basis, or a suction amount. As a substitute for a flat amount or pay, several freelances in India ought to accept a value-based set a price technique built on the observed worth of the domino effect to the customer.

Using practice, payment provisions might be in advance, the ratio in advance, or upon finishing point. For additional difficult jobs, a deal might be fixed a compensation plan based on signs or results. The steady use of the

What You Need To Become a freelancer in India

The Internet has expanded jobs in this field working as freelancers. Many people from various countries help themselves by earning through this only.

Nothing can be good from the fact you can work from your own space while being with your family. No need to worry about getting up early in the morning to going to the job.

So today we are here to tell you about freelancing, How to start, and what are the various platform where you can actually work and earn and all the advantages and disadvantages of freelancing that will tell you that whether you fit in the shoe for working as a freelancer in India or not.

Reasons Why People Succeed in the  Industry of freelancer in India

Most of the people wonder or think that the reason for the people to succeed in this filed is that they might be super intelligent or have some special skills to offer to the client.

But when you will get to know the real you will be surprised to know that they don’t have any such thing. In spite of the fact that they are smart enough to know how to utilize their skills which they might learn if required to make money.

See you need to understand the basic thing that, while doing freelancer in India you only require dedication to complete the task or your perspective to see any problem and that is the major key to success.

I am not at all saying that you should not have anything but smartness and the attitude to say “Yes” I can do that or you can learn that if required. And that’s why it’s in trend everywhere.

The success rate of freelancer in India totally depends on the attitude and the services you are providing working as a freelancer.

There are several jobs in a different field so if you think if you are not good enough to do any single task then you can go for another. The major thing is if you can do your 9-5 job in whatever field then you can do freelancer in India also it’s just a matter of thinking.

Freelancer in India Is Technical and Non-Technical people

Reliant on the business, freelancer in India effort does differ and ought to vary in excess of a while. In several businesses like referring(consulting), freelancers might need customers to sign transcribed contracts.

Whereas in fourth estate or writing, freelancers may well work in no cost or sort out job “taking place spec” to construct their standings or a link with a book. Several freelancers might offer inscribed approximations of job and demand credits from customers.

It is not at all compulsory that you should belong to the field of technology to do freelancing. Freelancing has all the kind of jobs whether it is related to technical or no-technical. It completely depends on the choice of yours.

For technical people also freelancing has a number of jobs like website designing, Graphic Designer, data analysis, Technical analysis, data scientists, software developer, application developer and many more jobs.

It completely relies on the choice of the freelancer whichever to choose accordingly.

If we talk about non-technical jobs in freelancing than again there are a number of jobs like article writing, blog writing, finance, accounting, copy-pasting etc.

You need not to worry whether you belong to the technical group or non-technical group freelancing has it all. You can get clients who need your help to complete their projects whether by the means of technical or non-technical.

How To Start Freelancer in India?

There are ample of websites you can start from. But I will tell you some of the best websites where you can offer your services and can earn really well. Some of the websites like upwork which has over 1.5 million users offer every type of job for every type of freelancer.

This is not only the website who offers this service but websites like Toptal, Elance, Freelancer, Craigslist, Guru, 99designs, PeoplePerHour also offers the same services.

You can make an account on any one of them or if you want to earn more than you can make an account on all the websites. These websites will ask for the basic information of yours which are hidden from the others only required information is shown on your profile.

You must keep in mind the foremost thing your profile should be 100% completed otherwise you won’t get good clients.

Benefits having a Freelancer

You should have a very strong portfolio that shows samples of work that how you work, and what is your perspective to see a problem. Your subject line includes what all services you are offering to your clients.

A 100% profile with good information helps to attract more clients and hence more you will get. After completing your profile now the main task arrives where you are going to make bids and proposal on the project that you want to work on.

Your profile and the proposal will decide whether you are able to work on the project or not. So, make sure your profile should have very attracting matter and your proposal should be written in such a manner that attracts clients and give solutions to their problem.

Below given are some key tips by following which you can win a project and can earn more:

  1. Creating a robust arrival by giving an overview that you have understood the problem.
  2. Do in advance and replying queries.
  3. Choosing and containing appropriate mockups.
  4. With a visually pleasing designed blueprint.
  5. Don’t rigorous neutral.

Various Platforms

There are numerous platforms for freelancing. Some of the best are described below:

> Upwork.

The 800-pound heavy in the freelance cosmos, it consumes lots of users. You can find any work as per your easiness or the skills you already have because working as a freelancer doesn’t bother about the age group it only wants the task to be completed.

So, you can opt for any job which is suitable for you. For freelancers, Upwork provides payment safeguard method and millions of firms eyeing to appoint employee on a temporary basis.


Industries can discover freelancers for many services on Users get right to use to 1.5 million freelancers and a time-tracking method that was introduced in 2015 so that the freelancer can track the time while working.

>Freelancer is a great freelance website where you work as freelancers for projects. Freelancer gives the impression to specially provide online dealings where you can provide your services and earn well.


SimplyHired provides the major range of freelance contracts of any site on this list. From building to a caretaker job. the website claims a prize of chances for anyone looking for more jobs as a freelancer.

It assists freelancers to discover jobs in above 24 nations. It doesn’t narrow to the English-language job, providing 12 distinct tongues in which you can work.


Using a clearly dissimilar methodology than the other amenities on this list. Toptal is for experienced, brilliant freelancers.

Clearing Toptal’s screening round provides you beyond compare entrance to significant tasks with abundant clients(Airbnb, Zendesk, JPMorgan, etc.) and reasonable payment (no low-bid competitions).


Initially Fiverr offers $5 for the services provided by the freelancers. Clients might pay more in order to develop what they exactly want.

freelancers use Fiverr to start themselves, providing facilities for some period at the then low price until they have a great sample work/portfolio.


PeoplePerHour is another website/platform that focuses on small projects like tech, marketing, content, and design. Freelancers can do small projects in order to gain experience so that they can do a big project of a big amount to earn big.

Things That Matter When You Are Learning To Freelancing

While learning to freelance or working as a freelancing there are many things that matter a lot because if you are not concern about these things then this can lead to unsuccessfulness. Some of the things that matters are listed below:

  1. Focus on your services.

While opting for freelancing you must keep in mind about the services you are offering and at what price you are offering them.

Make sure you are smart enough to sell your skills accordingly and also high light them in order to get more profits.

  1. The freelance job isn’t only one-time assignments.

Freelancing is not a one time job. It’s something you need to continue if you want to continuously increase your pay. And one should continuously increase their learning and be smart enough to get paid off continuously.

  1. Form a portfolio or working samples.

Many freelancers create virtual portfolios of their work on websites like Tumblr, Contently or for prospective employers to look at.

  1. Communication is important.

Communication is a must while doing freelancing as this will increase your chance to get projects very often from the same client.

Greet every time and be formal while writing anything in the conversations. Always understand what are the requirements of the customer by asking questions and clearing doubts.

  1. Always learn from your mistakes.

Whiling learning freelancing it is quite obvious that mistakes will happen often but you need not to worry about that because if you learning something good from those mistakes its good for you.

Because in future that will help you to handle projects in the better way. So, always learn from your previous mistakes.

  1. Learn new skills as per required.

As explained if you always learn new skills that will help you earn well. But if you will not learn then also it’s okay because you can do jobs like copy-pasting that you might have done in your schooling age. But. it’s good to learn new skills in order to earn well as we do in our school time that as we grow we learn new subjects new stuff that helps us to gain marks at that moment of time.

  1. Remember refusal is a part of the work.

Don’t get upset or demoralize if you do not get any work because it’s common and is the part of it. Be positive and understand the requirement of the client so that you can construct the proposal accordingly.

Pros Cons of Freelancer in India

There are many advantages for freelancing but as you know the matter of fact that every coin has two faces similarly freelancing also does. Below given are the list of some advantages and disadvantages of freelancing:


  1. Flexibility

The best part of doing freelancing is that you can schedule your day accordingly. Like for me, I am very productive during night-time so usually works at night. But you can opt accordingly like if you want to work during day-time you can or vice versa.

  1. Ignoring the crowds

Now, if you are indulging yourself in freelancing it is not at all required to give excuses to your boss for the holiday. You are your own boss in your own space. So you can take off whenever you feel like. and You can be with your family and friends all the time

The foremost advantage of working as a freelancer is that you can be with your family and friends all the time without leaving your job. You can take various projects at the same time and earn well. 

Cons of Freelancer in India

  1. Solitude

Although flexibility is one of the main advantages of freelancing. loneliness devours to be one of the most recognizable disadvantages, and it’s somewhat that each up-and-coming freelancer should be willing for.

  1. Being short of cash

If you are used to getting a steady salary in your bank accounts then this can lead to some out of track thing that you will get your payoffs only when you will complete projects.  

  1. A dissimilar methodology for promotions (and salary)

It’s up to you to retail yourself, set your amounts and playing field your skills. so it’s also up to you to promote your job title or increase your pay. And this you can only do by learning or enhancing something new in your services you are offerings.

  1. Conclusion.

After knowing about everything to freelancing. we came to an end that it’s not that bad to do freelancing if you are capable or smart enough to handle problems.

learn new stuff and dedicated to your work then freelancing is a good option for you to earn really good. But, if you are not ready to handle client’s pressure, learn new skills and is not able to complete work on time then freelancing is not your cup of tea!

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