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How To Sell ebooks and Make Money Online | Step by Step Guide

If You Love reading eBooks, why can’t you write your own and make good money? Do you know how to sell ebooks and make money?

An eBook, as the name suggests is an electronic version of your traditional book that can be read by you using a personal computer or an eBook reader. You can buy/sell eBooks online on various websites in the form of downloadable files. It barely takes time to upload/download an eBook. Besides this eBooks are also available in the form of diskettes and CDs so you can easily sell the ebooks.

Now many of you will be thinking to publish and sell eBook in order to make good money. This article will definitely help you to do how to sell ebooks so as it will include every step from starting to selling eBooks. So let’s get started

Important Things to be Considered First how to sell ebooks

a.) It Requires hard work .

Because Though it’s not a difficult task to write an ebook it will surely consume a lot of time and hardwork.

b.) Grab your opportunities and platforms.

Don’t be afraid of taking risk as it will deny you to achieve your destiny. Be alert and try to keep your hands on every possible to sell ebooks opportunity.

c ) Build strong connections.

As sell eBooks is a business it demands a prominent and trustworthy network. Build a group that help you out through each and every step.

Where to start Writing and how to sell ebooks?

The hard part of an ebook isn’t getting it published or sell ebooks. With more opportunities so for ever to become an author, the hard part is actually writing. Writing ebooks has become quite popular but writing it with a perfect start isn’t straightforward. You need to write your ebook in PDF format in order to get better results .

The following points will certainly help you to write your very first eBook.

  1. Choosing the correct topic.

You must choose a topic that is appealing and interesting for the readers as well as yourself. So You can’t write a whole book on a topic that you are not interested in. Because You must have ample of knowledge on the topic you  are choosing  to write upon .

  1. Expand your views and ideas.

Start with the basic idea you noted about and then explore different aspects of it . We really suggest you to draw a sort of web diagram so that it becomes easier for you to connect various ideas together.

  1. Following the right format.

As you need to save your writing work in PDF format. Using Microsoft word for formatting and saving your text is not recommended as transition to PDF can prove to be troublesome because not the presence of links. Saving your work in PDF format using Open office is a much more convenient option. Also unlike Microsoft word, Open office is free to download.

  1. Enlighten the Editing.

You can offer the best ebook in the world,containing tips and ideas that have never been published before but if contains Editing errors it will be doomed to failure. Even the slightest of errors can impart to the reader that you were sloppy with your writing or the content itself is not accurate.

  1. Make an attractive cover.

Designing an attractive cover is as important as writing the original book . It is obvious that many readers do judge an eBook by looking at its cover. Paid Websites like Elance and  KillerCovers can surely help you to find right designers fo your cover.

After you are finished with writing your eBook you should look for the right market and strategies to sell your eBook.

We have listed certain techniques that will you to make good profit by them.

What are Sell eBooks’ tactics?

.1. Identify target audience for sell ebooks:-

You can’t sell your eBook to each and everyone out there so you need to find and target the correct and core audience for your project. Don’t try to sell your very first eBook on a large online market instead try to focus on smaller subsets of people who can also promote your eBook afterwards.

For example if your eBook contains content about “how to find your perfect life partner” you can’t use teenage sites to sell your eBook. You probably should look for sites which has more adult visitors such as job sites, matrimonial sites etc.

Promoting your product on some free download sites can surely help your product to gain popularity.

  1. Set a perfect Price :-

One of the most important thing a costumer considers while purchasing an eBook is its price. The product should definitely justify it’s cost whether it’s an eBook or even a traditional book. You just need do a lot of research in search of a fair price for your eBook. You should sell your ebook according to your target audience. Researching will surely get you a better idea about what your target audience pays for similar kind of eBooks. Price it in a way that represents the value accurately and fairly but gives an impression that it’s worth the money your buyer will be part with.

  1. Distribute it professionally:-

If you are done with your eBook you will certainly require a way to distribute it. As eBook is a digital product we highly recommend you to use the service which automates the distribution process as much as possible.

Here are some paid services that will you with your distribution process :-

a.) SendOwl :- It is one the most simple and efficient way to distribute your eBook. This Service charges you on monthly basis . You can visit their website to get started.

b.) E-junkie :- This service has been in the business from a long time and has performed pretty well.


Where to sell eBook

There are options to sell your eBook on your own website but using profesional website is a much better option as it has more impressions and visitors.

Some of the popular Websites are listed below :-

a.) Amazon :- It is one of the greatest worldwide to sell your eBook as it also enable amazon kindle fir you. With the help of Kindle direct publishing, you can publish your eBook on the Amazon Kindle store. This process is really simple and totally free. However, Amazon will keep 30% of your total profit.

b.) Payloadz :- Along with selling your eBook payloads will also help you out by providing use tips on subject matter,marketing, pricing and more. They will charge you a monthly fee of Rs.975 ($15) and the first month is absolutely free. Similar to other sites payloadz will also charge a small amount of transaction fee.

c ) Craigslist :- Craigslist provides you with a

free,easy and simple option of creating a list with link back to your website or the sales page of your eBook. However there is drawback:You can only list your ebook in the city in which you live.

Beside all these there is another option I.e free-ebooks but it’s not recommended as the procedure to be followed is a bit complex

Why Sales Page is required?

Writing an effective sales page is an art and for those who expertise in it, a great way to boost their income . There are certainly rules to be followed which are listed below :-

a.) An interesting introduction :-

Start with something that can keep the readers engaged. Try to seek the attention of your audience and keep them interested by using practical keywords.

b.) Don’t lie at all:- There’s a whole lot of difference between being bold and lying. For example, if your eBook is about online business then you should title it as “Boost your income within days” and not “Become a millionaire with days”.

Readers of eBook are not dumb that they can’t find a huge lie hidden in your title.

c.) Enrich your sales page with “buy” button:-

There are chances that people change their mind several times by even reading a sales page so it better to insert the buy option at different points of the page. Don’t miss the opportunity for a call to action.

d.) Add testimonials or reviews:-

If there are people who have appreciated you on your eBook you should probably request them to include their reviews on the book’s sales page. This will create a great positive impact on the viewer’s mind.

e.) Use your associate links:-

If you are using links in your sales page don’t forget to link the sites or platforms were you selling your eBook. This will help you to earn more money which is eventually your main aim.


This article has covered each and every step and rule to be followed while writing an ebook. Now we would like to clear some common misconceptions related to ebooks.


  1. Ebooks will destroy reading culture.

There are people who think that ebooks are destroying reading but instead of destroying the are developing it. Through ebooks more and more people are associated with reading which eventually will give us positive results.

2.Ebooks means an increase in piracy.

Not releasing a print book in digital format does not prevent it from piracy. If there are people who are endungled in this piracy business, digital or traditional doesn’t really matter to them.

  1. Reading ebooks will hurt your eyes.

Elink technology is designed to alleviate eye strain. It can be easier on the eyes than the paper book, particularly the thin pages of mass market.

Now we will look at certain advantages and disadvantages of eBook that you must know before starting to write.


a.) Writing an ebook out of your knowledge and ideas can give your thoughts a platform that is acknowledged by millions of people worldwide.

b.) You can serve millions of people by providing solutions and answers to their problems through a single ebook.

c.) It will helps you to get a better working future. By going through the whole process of writing an ebook you will gain immense knowledge and experience in your field of work.

d) Writing ebook will help you get a better idea of your talent as people will review and comment on your work .

e.) Compared to other business, investment in this one is quite low. This enables you to startup with a very low amount of capital.


a.) Changes of you becoming a successful eBook writer are quite less as there are already a number of people finding the same destiny as you

b.) There is no guarantee for profit. Let us assume that you have made a profit by selling your eBooks online. But chances are that the profit you made will not be worth the time and hadwork you put in .

c.) Your eBook can be hacked. An ethical hacker who has knowledge about material hacking can hack your eBook. As a result the time and money you invested can be lost.

d.) Digital right management also known as DRM has become a huge problem when it comes to writing eBooks. You have to put a number of safeguards in order to prevent the users from editing or formatting it. This can increase the overall cost of publishing ebook.

e.) Compared to traditional books, eBooks are relatively new because of which it’s future is uncertain. So it’s not a trustable way for your passive income.

Final Words

To conclude it all we can say that if You are a type of person who feels independent by writing and is passionate about it you should probably give a try to eBook. But if you are the one who is looking forward to earn quick money by selling eBooks then you should probably quit your thoughts. Writing an eBook is a lengthy process requiring great patience. Honestly, making good money by ebooks can take a lot of time so the people aiming for money should probably find some other platforms to do so. With this being said we would also like to say that if you are really confident with your writing and marketing skills you should surely try your hands on ebook writing.

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