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How to Run Viral Campaign | get thousands of leads free

Collecting thousands of leads is not a joke but yes you can do it with strategy and with the help of Viral Campaign.

There are many strategies being followed by well-established businesses but small businesses or digital marketers failed to implement those strategies.

Well, today we will talk about a well-planned strategy to collect leads which you can use for your product.

That strategy is a Viral Marketing Campaign to collect leads.

What is a viral campaign?

Viral Campaign is making a product blogpost or video viral so it spreads like a virus or wildfire.

When your blogpost or video will spread like fire you can collect leads, increase sales and increase your brand awareness.

What makes a blogpost/video viral

  1. A big offer behind that.
  2. Your brand or product aligned with your target audience.
  3. Your content is so crazy that people want to share with their friends.

But you should not become spammer to make your product viral. You should not use repeated messages over and over and should wait for the right time to post it.

We can run a viral campaign to collect thousands of leads and there are many tools available to run a viral campaign.

But let me tell you why leads are so important for any business.

Why leads are required for any business?

A lead is basically a person or company who has an interest in your products or services now or in the future.

Those companies continuously generating leads for their business are far ahead of those companies who are not generating leads.

To run any successful business continuous generation of leads is very important.

Without new leads, no business can survive for long.

Lead generation is very important in reducing the cost of running a business. Because it is easy to sell your product to a person who has some contact with your company.

Importance of leads generation is a vast topic but for now, we will focus on how to collect leads with a viral campaign.

Now that we have discussed on prime functionality of having to run a viral campaign. Let get into which are the platforms or “What are the essential tools required to run such campaigns”.

The Three Major Platforms to Run Your Viral Campaign are:

  1. Upviral
  3. Vyper

1-What is UpViral?

UpViral is Cloud-based Software allows you to run your campaign effectively, profitable viral campaign with Zero technical experience or special knowledge needed. It’s a complete, dynamic web-based solution that handles every aspect of viral marketing. From point A to point Z. Now UpViral is very easy to design and run a viral marketing, that anyone can launch a professional and effective campaign from any computer, tablet or mobile device… in as Shortest time within 10 minutes.

In case you haven’t noticed, things have changed for online marketing these days. The internet’s major players have been tapping into viral marketing to build their lists, generate leads, boost brand awareness and increase their sales… and with little or no paid ads.

Feature of UpViral?

You’ve probably seen viral marketing happening right on your own Facebook or Twitter feeds, especially for major brands like Ola and even Many digital Marketers and Agencies are using viral campaigns for promoting his product and creating brand value. That’s because it works! If you will go for research, then you will get there are more than +10 million companies launching his own Viral Campaigns

And now, you can easily tap into the power of viral marketing as well… with UpViral! So you can also run viral campaigns for your business, Product or you can create your brand value using a viral campaign through UpViral tools. Anyone can enjoy the power of viral marketing, not just the big guys!

So if you’re serious about increasing your traffic and your profits, and with little or no additional advertising, this is for you guys your campaign and set all because this is the cheap and handily software for creating the Viral Marketing campaigns.Viral Campaign

You can get 114,485 Qualified leads in only 30 Days with the help of Viral Campaign.

These are some of the main strategies you can apply to run your campaign:

  • Run Viral Giveaway Campaigns–Get your visitors to deliver more visitors by incentivizing them with a goodie or a prize!
  • Run Viral Contests–use a cool contest to promote your site, service or product via Facebook and Twitter in minutes!
  • Generate Tons of Viral Traffic to Your Launch–If you’re launching a new product or service you’re going to love this! Get massive leads-with little or no advertising!
  • And much more!


What Makes Up viral So Powerful?

It all about these referral invites link system. This link provides accountability and a system for your visitors. The system guides them to the point of delivering results for you. By automatically emailing reminders, setting goals and providing incentives/rewards, your visitors stay on track and deliver. They get rewarded; you get new leads and both are happy!

Viral Campaign – The Growth Marketing Platform

Ok, guys Gleam is basically a growth marketing platform with this help you can run a campaign or also you can organize any giveaways, that will help you capture your lead allow you to grow your email list. Its give you a smart feature that is you can choose winner manually or Gleam will help you choose randomly.

Viral Campaign


Capture allows you to grow your email list by triggering smart Capture pop-ups based on browser behaviours, then you can sink the data in real time with 30+ supported email providers.


Other uses for Capture:

  • Setting Up Your Capture
  • Build Exit Intent Pop-ups
  • Increase Your Opt-in Conversion Rates
  • Prevent Abandoned Shopping Carts
  • Grow Your E-Commerce Revenue

Competitions make it easy to run engaging viral campaigns anywhere. Run it on your own site, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or even let your business partners embed your contest on their site.

Gleam favourite Competition guides:

  • You can  Run a Photo or Video Contest
  • You can Promote Your Contest
  • Example Competitions
  • Enter a Live Competition
  • You Can  Draw Winners For Your Contest

Rewards work in a similar fashion to competitions. Except they allow you to build instant redeem coupons, redirects or downloads to help you engage your customers & drive sales.

Gleam favorite Rewards guides:

  • Set to Use Rewards to Grow Your E-Commerce Sales or  giveaways Campaign
  • You can Set Up a Reward yourself
  • Creating a Download Gate With Rewards

Who Uses Gleam?

Gleam have over 5,000+ businesses from around the world using Gleam to power their campaigns, in the last year, these campaigns have generated over 900 Million actions–on average our campaigns. is a viral marketing tool that leverages guaranteed & incentivization to acquire leads, engagement, and traffic! It allows users to easily build contests and giveaways. Not only does it allow you to collect emails but you can also use this tool to build followers, get people to share your posts and leave reviews. See demo contest –

With the help of Vyper you can create your viral Campaign very easily. Vyper gives you facility you can create your landing page through your website or any page builder or you can use pre-design exquisite Vyper Template.

So here I will give you a brief demo of how to set up your Viral campaign through the

How to run a viral campaign on Vyper

Running a viral campaign is easy as we are doing it on vyper.

To run a viral campaign in form of a giveaway, you need an offer or products you can give to the winners.

These products can be e-books, cheat codes, templates, courses or any product you can give freely to the winners.

You also need a landing page on which you can list your offer.

To collect leads you can add a sign-up button and collect leads if anyone takes part in this contest.

You can give gifts to the people who scored maximum points.

So if someone will share his referral link and someone will join from that link then he will get more points.

You can also give points to him for following your social media accounts like on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.

When your campaign will go live, you can share your campaign on all social media platforms and also run a Facebook ad to boost the campaign.

After completion of the Viral Campaign, give them rewards as you promised.

That’s it.

Let’s us see how to do it step by step:


1.Create Contest

First, off all you need to create your account on after that you will create your First Viral Campaign ContestViral Campaign

After choosing to Create A Contest next step you will have Two options that are:

Option 1: Create contest from scratch  here you need to fill all the detail about your Viral Campaign


Option 2: Use a high-converting template

Here you can choose any template what you want and start your design, you can also see the demo of these template. Viral Campaign

Under Setting Section there is four fields:

1-Contest setting

After that you will get the Contest setting where you can set all our campaign details these fields are shown below.

2-Tracking and Pixel

If you have a website and a Facebook page then you can  enter the facebook pixel Id here this will help you to tracking your leads.

3-Sign Up Field

In this field you can set your Sign-Up field like what you want to ask such as; username, email Id and etc.

4- Translation & Text Customizations (BETA)  this field is not necessary.


Here you will get four different field

  1. Design Your Contest –  Here you will design all the front page of your campaign.
  2. Default Images  In this field you need to set all the image and logo of your brand and campaign.
  3. Social Media Images & Settings – In this field you can set the image of your social media accounts.
  4. Thank You Page – In this field you can set the title and content of your thank you page.




In this fields you can set all the rewards there are three type of rewards

      In viral leaderboard, there are 3 types of rewards:

  1. ranking rewards,
  2. point rewards &
  3. random winner rewards.
  • Ranking rewards allow you to give a reward to the top ranked contestants who has gained the most points. For example, give a reward to the highest ranking contestant, the top 3 contestants, the top 10 contestants, etc.
  • Point / Milestone rewards allow you to give a reward to anyone who has gained X amount of points into your contest. For example, give a reward to ANY contestant that’s earned 10 points. Your contestants earn extra points by referring their friends to your contest.
  • Random rewards allow you to give the reward out to a random winner based on the number of points they have in your contest.

4-Bonus Entries

Choose which bonus entry options you want to use to reward contestants for extra points. This is where you can set-up social actions like “follow us on Twitter” for 10 extra points or create your own custom entries.

You can use these option for creating Bonus entries.

  1. Export

Here you can integrate your automation tool for getting leads.

  1. EMALE 

   If you want to send more message to your subscriber then you can set an SMTP Email .




Here you can set the CTA (Call to action button) of your website and this code you can use on your website. So, if any visitor directly comes to your website they will know about your contest through the CTA button and then  will participate in the contest.


In this field you can see the details or entries of the contestants and also choose the highest points according to your point system and declare the winner after the campaign end.

I hope you like this post if you want to see how to do a live Viral Campaign then you can visit our Contest that is Live Right Now the link for is

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