How To Do Keyword Research For Blog – Beginner’s Guide

Finding the right keywords to rank number one on Google is one of the essential things in SEO. “Content is King,” everyone says content is king and it is true. But writing an article on a random topic is not a good idea. Before telling you how to do keyword research for blog for an article let me tell you what is the importance of keyword research.

Importance of Keyword Research

People usually follow two types of approaches for keyword research for blog or a new website.

  1. Either they start writing on trending topics
  2. Or they do keyword research and find low competition keywords

If you follow first approach and write your content on trending topics it is like walking in dark. Your article may get a lot of traffic or may get ZERO traffic.

News websites capture their most of the traffic from trending topics and they got an authority. So when you write about any trending topic there is 95% probability that Google will give preference to a high authority news website than your brand new website.

So it’s not a good idea to follow the trending topic approach until unless you have good budget and a lot of resources to produce content.

Let’s focus on keyword research and see how to do it for a website.

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How to Do Keyword Research for Blog

Find your Seed Keywords

To start keyword research for blog first thing which you need is Seed Keyword. Seed keywords are main keywords or head keywords which are just one or two words long.

To find seed keyword you need to find the select those keywords for which you want your website to be found by people. These keywords can be related to services you provide, products you offer, solution you provide and the niche you are working.

For example in case of Squad Ninja we provide Digital Marketing Services, we offer facebook marketing, online courses and we are in Digital Marketing Niche.

So these may be the Seed Keywords for our business.

  • Digital Marketing Services
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Online Courses
  • Digital Marketing Etc.

Next method to find seed keywords is spying your competitors. You need to write down 5 to 10 website names of your competitors and you can write down some more seed keywords from their latest articles.

What are Long Tail Keywords and their benefits?

To rank for your seed keyword you first need to focus on long tail keyword. Long tail keywords are the keywords that are 3+ words long. These keywords are not very competitive. For example if you will search the term Facebook Marketing you will find 5,52,00,00,000 results in Google.

What are long tail keywords

But when you will search for facebook marketing strategy template you will find About 5,78,00,000 results in Google.

Long tail keywords are less competitive

So the term facebook marketing strategy template has less competition in Google.

Second important thing is there is a website which has DA less than 40 when we search using “facebook marketing strategy template” but there was no website with DA less than 40 while I use “facebook marketing” term.

Low DA sites found with long tail keywords

So long-tail keywords are easy to rank. Another most important thing about long-tail keywords is that with these long-tail keywords you will get targeted traffic and your conversion rate will be higher.

With these long-tail keywords you can better understand keyword intent and get more sales. Because you don’t know that the person who is searching for “facebook marketing” is actually looking for facebook marketing courses or facebook marketing services or anything else about “facebook marketing”.

How to find Long Tail Keywords from Seed Keywords

Using Google Auto Suggest

Google AutoSuggest

When you have your seed keywords with you, but these keywords in google. This way Google will suggest a lot of keywords like this…..

You can find a lot of keywords in this method. Try putting a space after the keyword, after space press a, b, c to z to find all relevant keywords from A to Z. There are a lot of tools to do to the same thing but in this way, you don’t need any tool. But you have to copy and paste each keyword. do the same thing in free version also.

Keyword Research For Blog by Using Amazon

how to do keyword research for blog using amazon

Amazon is another good source for buyer keywords. Buyer keywords are the keyword which people use when they want to buy something. If you are trying to build an amazon affiliate site or looking for high CPC keywords even then Amazon is a very good website you can use.

How to do Keyword Research for blog using Ubbersuggest

how to do keyword research for blog using ubbersuggest

Ubbersuggest is another free tool which can provide a lot of metrics about the keywords. With volume, it also provides SEO difficulty and CPC and the only tool-free with no limit till now.

How to Select Keyword

Finding a long tail is not everything you need to check whether you can rank for that particular keyword or not. Here come the new term keyword difficulty.

Keyword difficulty can be determined with some tools like keywordrevealer and Semrush which offer some free daily searches. Keyword Revealer is popular and offers 3 free searches and 7 free keyword difficulty till now.

how to do keyword research for blog

To select any keyword you need to check keyword difficulty. If you try to rank a keyword which is very difficult you may or may not rank for that keyword. So when you gain some authority then only you need to target medium or seed keywords.


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