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How To Create a YouTube Channel | Step by Step Guide

Do you want to create YouTube Channel but don’t know how to create a youtube channel?

Want an alternate source of income? or Still not working? or Thinking about a new start-up? Well, YouTube can make all your dreams true. Read below and Know how to create a youtube channel and decide whether youtube marketing is your cup of tea or not?

What is YouTube?

how to create a youtube channel
Youtube Marketing

YouTube is a freeware platform by Google that allows you to upload your own made videos and earn money without spending and any single penny. Actually, it is similar to T.V. channel in term of advertisement as YouTube also posts advertisements to your uploaded video and in return you get paid.

Here are Few Tips for Figuring out how to create a youtube channel for Marketing

1: how to create a youtube channel

Getting started with YouTube is the easiest job. You need a Gmail account, phone number and a bank or PayPal account for creating a profile on YouTube. If you have all the mentioned requirements then log on YouTube and create a profile on YouTube by filling a basic form. After creating profile on YouTube, you can create your channel on YouTube and you can link your YouTube channel with Google AdSense that allows posting advertisement on your videos, here you will have to provide you a bank or PayPal account for receiving payment. If you still have some query then please log on to YouTube

Here is a full step to how to create a youtube channel

Just follow all these step to get started with YouTube.

 1 – Log on to YouTube

 2: – click the sign in button at top right corner.

 3: – log in using your Google account.

 4: – Then signing in to your YouTube account, next to your avatar in the top right corner. This is the same place where the, “Sign In” button usually is. then you click on the drop down arrow, a new set of options are made available. The first thing you want to do here is to click on, “My Channel

  5: – This is one of the most important steps when it comes to creating a YouTube channel. Deciding your channel name! You can either use your name by default or you can choose a different name of your choice by clicking on the “To use a business or other name, click here” button. Most people like to choose a different name instead of using their own names.

channel page

Once you finish the naming process, you are taken to your channel page. You may also see an option at the top right of your page that invites you to take a tour of your new channel. It’s quick and it helps you get familiar with different options for editing your channel.

2: How to get success on YouTube?

Something new and something different is the mantra for getting success on YouTube. Here are few tips to get success on YouTube

New and different- Make your videos unique. Make your video different from other video and give uniqueness to your content. Simply copying and pasting will not bring you success.

Genuine Videos– your videos should be your own creation. Its content must not be copied from other videos. It must be genuine and your own creation.

Content Quality- Keep your content attractive and informal that will attract viewers. Try to improve your content quality day by day.

Contest- Always try to attract the users, one such way of attracting user is organising Give away Contests. Now days, Give away contest are in trend among emerging and new You Tubers for increasing traffic on their channel.

Stay Updated- Always try to stay updated and make your videos based on latest news feed.

Be responsive: – Always reply to your viewers and subscribers at drop of hat. Never let them fell that they are getting ignored by you. Treat them as a family.

3: What Qualities you should have to get success?

Starting and running a YouTube channel does not require any skills and qualities, but to touch high skies you need following skills:-

Computer skills: – You must have some of basic computer skills in order to edit and make to your video interesting. Using computer you can make your videos attractive and organised.

Language skills: – Language skill is a necessity for starting a YouTube channel because more nicely you will express yourself more response and views you will get.

Creativity: – If you are creative, it is boon for your YouTube channel. You can apply new ideas to your channel and videos that will bring you lots of traffic to your channel.

4: Should You start even you have no skills and qualities

Should you start even you have no skills and qualities? after reading this blog I believe, You will have good knowledge how to create a youtube channel

The answer is yes, if u have passion and have no extra skills then u must start your journey on YouTube as where there is a will there is a way. Hier passion like

There are many you tuber who started their channel only because of their passion.

  1. PewDiePew
  2. Smosh
  3. BB ki Vines
  4. Fine Brother
  5. Michelle Phan
  6. Lilly Singh
  7. Rosannna Pansino
  8. Lindsey Stirling

All these people started their YouTube Channel because they were passionate.

So, if you are passionate and don’t have extra skills then you should join YouTube.

5: Inspirational people on YouTube

There are so many stories of people who have touched hi skies on YouTube.  Few of them are mentioned below

Flex Arvid Ulf kjielberg

Flex Arvid Ulf kjielberg’s channel name is PewDiePew. He is a Swedish video game commentator along with his reaction. He is a dominating person and has dominated YouTube in few years with 39.9 million subscribers and 10.1 billion views.


German Garmendia is Chilean You tuber. He is master in making comedy videos which people love to watch. He has 2.1 billion views and 24 million subscribers. His most famous video is Las coscas obvias de la vida.

Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran is a You Tuber from England. He was born in 1991. He is a singer and multi-talented YouTube star. His channel is named after his name i.e. Ed Sheeran. He has around 23 million subscribers and billions of views. He is very famous for songs.

Bhuvan Bam

Bhuvan Bam is a 22 years old. He was born on 22 January 1995 in New Delhi, India. He took his education in Delhi from
Shaheed Bhagat Singh College
 . Currently his channel, BB Ki Vines has nearly five million subscribers and nearly 600 million views and he has also released 3 song songs with the collaboration of TVF (The Viral Video Fever), but scene was somewhat different in year 2015, when he started his channel, he had only few views and subscribers but he never took his steps back and struggled bravely and achieved the goal.

Katy Perry

She was born on 25 oct, 1984 and She is a very famous American singer and lyricists. Katy Perry is very talented and a famous youtube star. She has 25 million subscribers and 14 billion views.

Ashish chanchalani

He is also 22 years old an Indian You Tuber.  belongs to Maharashtra.  was born on 7 December 1993. Ashish chanchalani started his channel name  Ashish Chanchalani in July 2006 and now he has nearly 5 lacs subscriber and millions of views. they have nearly 935k followers on social media. He struggled a lot for reaching his goal, but finally, he succeeded.  Mr. Ashish chanchalani is a very famous comedian and social media star also done acting for Zing TV channel.


Carryminate’s original name is Ajay Nagar. Carryminate is his professional of YouTube name. He is very famous for mimicry and roasting videos of other You Tubers. His average earning is approx. 3-4 lakhs. He has more than 1 million subscribers

There are many other famous YouTube stars and many are still emerging.

6:How all these people became successful?

Well, all the main reason behind their success was their hard-working nature. They never took their step back and fought continuously with the situation. Some of them were talented but some were a passionate person. Reason For their success:-

Talented and passionate: – Few of them are talented and few are passionate, with their hard-working nature they converted their passion into a permanent job.

Uniqueness: – All famous YouTube star are unique they make their videos very unique and attract users.

Informal and attractive contents: – Videos of all YouTube star are very attractive and informal; they never make their user to feel boring. They never miss a chance to attract their user with their contents.

Good communication skills: – Communication skills are neccisity for getting success on YouTube. All successful YouTube Stars have excellent communication skills. More nicely you will talk more response you will get.

Genuine and original contents: – They never copied contents of other You Tubers, all videos are their own made videos.

7: Common misconception about create a youtube channel

Many new You Tubers have very common and simple misconception about YouTube like:-

Many people think that YouTube will make them rich and thinking

this they open their channel and this is common among tenants and youngster but scene is somewhat different, if you are opening a channel for money then it will only bring you disappointment. If have passion and you are a passionate person or you think that you have some special talent then you must join YouTube.

Other common misconception regarding YouTube is how much money does YouTube pays for 1000 views. It is the one of the most searched question on Google. But the reality is that YouTube dost not pay for views. It is the advertisement company that pays you. Actually YouTube posts advertisements on your videos and for that advertisement you get paid. YouTube cuts it commission i.e. 45% and provides you the rest. The general cost of one advertisement is 0.0.1 $ but may be higher according to the geographical location.

If you still have any question or query, then get it cleared now on

How much you can earn on YouTube

How much you can earn on YouTube that totally depends on you. If your video is excellent then you can earn more if your video is bad your earnings will go down.  Monthly earning on YouTube is nit fixed it may be $0 or it may be more than $10,000, it can also make you a millionaire but it totally depends on you and your video.

8: Is YouTube better than other freelancing platforms?

Well, the answer is not fixed. It may vary from person to person. It is a question of choice; some may like writing, blogging or even posting advertisement.

Pros and Cons

Pros of create a youtube channel

  • Anyone can start earning on YouTube, there is no restriction.
  • There is no investment of money, so there is no chance of loss.
  • No one is your boss. You are everything, so there is peace of mind.
  • YouTube not only helps you to earn but also makes you a star.
  • Most important, you can make your passion your permanent job.
  • Convenience of working from home.

Nothing is perfect, same with the case of create a youtube channel

  • YouTube requires a lot of investment time; it will take a long time to become a YouTube star.
  • There is common issue of copyright.
  • You can get spam emails.
  • You can get abusive comments.

9 : Our Verdict : – create a youtube channel 

Our suggestion is that you can join YouTube if you have some talent or if you have passion for YouTube.  Don’t join YouTube thinking that this will make you rich; this will only bring you disappointment. If you really fell that you have passion or talent then you must join YouTube. YouTube provides u many facilities over other jobs. YouTube is a big platform that will never end and you can convert your passion into a permanent job. We hope that you are clear about figuring out your YouTube marketing.  So, take the right judgement.

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