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How To Become an Affiliate Marketer | Ultimate Guide

Do you want to know how to become an affiliate marketer?

first of all I want to ask you have you heard about the Affiliate Marketing Industry? If so, then you must always be aware of the hike that the industry is going through, Do you want to know how to become an affiliate marketer

The Affiliate Marketing industry has experienced tremendous growth in the last few years. People have switched to this industry.

Every day we see some new Affiliate Marketers asking queries to the old and successful ones in the business about the tips to succeed. But, has anyone ever told you that affiliate marketing is much easier than it seems. 

First of all you need to understand there is no rocket science involved in the success of an affiliate, just some important entrepreneur techniques.

how to become an affiliate marketer


The best you can do to succeed in this industry is to make Google your best friend. You must be familiar with a common phrase that is used by many affiliates across the world, that Google knows everything. The Know-it-all can easily help you learn and acquire new skills really fast.

how to become an affiliate marketer – successful affiliates

So Many successful affiliates started with nothing and absolutely no one to guide them. All they knew about was a world that exists. The main and the prior reason that helps people succeed in this industry is the art of learning. The affiliates keep learning and improving themselves on their own.

Like me, you will also have listened to a famous cliché, that there is no shortcut to success. To succeed and achieve what you want, you need to work hard. Affiliate Marketing has both its pros and cons. Affiliate Marketing is a field where nothing works as per your expectations.

You may end up earning a lot or you may be left with nothing. You need to play your cards well. Freelancing requires your dedication and determinations. You can become your own boss at times and if it goes the wrong way around you may end up losing it all.

The right way how to become an affiliate marketer

Most of the time people entering in the Affiliate Marketing industry is very much aware of their needs. These people know what they want. The industry flourishes for the people who have done their research. The Affiliate Marketing industry may not give you the required or the profit you have dreamt of instantly.

This may take time, while some leave in the process, others stay. This attitude is what makes a difference. Affiliate Marketing may seem easy and it is, but you can definitely not succeed in the industry if you do not know how and where to invest.

The success in the Affiliate Marketing industry is all about being dedicated and focused towards your work.  These simple and little things make all the difference.

In this article, I am going to tell you what is Affiliate Marketing and how it works, How to start affiliate Marketing ,what are the existing programs that you can benefit from, Do’s and Don’ts for a successful affiliate marketing and Pros and Cons

Let’s start

What is Affiliate marketing?

The 1990’s was a period that has marked the growth of a lot of things. This era is also known for the development of the World Wide Web. This new technique gave the new technology and the media companies an amazing opportunity to market their products to the customers making use of the websites they visit throughout the day.

This technique came to be known as Affiliate marketing. This is considered one of the oldest forms of marketing. The Affiliate marketing is performance-based marketing where you refer a person to an online product and if that person buys the product based on your reference and then you receive some commission. how to become an affiliate marketer

The affiliate marketing works

 These are three pillars, the advertisers, the publishers and the consumers. The affiliate marketing is a place that allows the companies to sell their products like; the electronics, airline tickets, clothing or some random insurance products.

Affiliate marketing requires an advertiser to pay other people to sell and promote your business. After this, the publisher works by advertising the products of an advertiser in return of some commission. The final part of this relationship is the consumer.

The consumer is an individual who sees the ad and they purchase the product. The affiliate marketing cannot strive with the lack of any one of these pillars. You need to have a good advertiser, a good publisher and a market for customers.

How does it work?

The basic principle of the working of affiliate marketing is to recommend the products and the services of some company and then receiving a commission when someone buys the products. To track the number of purchases that take place because of the recommendations that you gave, you will be provided with a special link to the merchant.

This link will be linked to the website and you will be provided with a unique referral code. If the customers purchase the product by clicking on the link provided that is you, the commission on sale will be yours. Another question running through your mind right now will be, Is Affiliate marketing authentic? Well, the answer to this is yes. Affiliate marketing is totally viable and a secure method that has been adopted by many people to promote and sell their services.

This program is absolutely free for you if you want to join as an affiliate for some merchant. But if you are want to promote your products using this technique then the affiliate program may cost you some money. Like any other business, you need to invest in this setup. The money invested will only be used in maintaining, running and enhancing your blog or website.

How to start affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing gives you the opportunity to earn a commission just by selling the product of some other company to some client. This gives you an opportunity to earn a lot with the comfort of your home.

The question that you all will be struggling with now is how to start affiliate marketing? The solution to this is simple. The process of becoming an affiliate can be started by adopting these simple and effective methods.

  • Always opt for the selling the product that you know. Affiliate marketing is not that difficult but you need to do your research. Selling the products you are familiar with helps enhance your confidence and convince the clients.
  • You can only become an affiliate by having your own website. The companies opting for this platform would want to know the URL or the website that will be used to sell their products. These days making your own website has become quite easy. So, you won’t find any problem doing this.
  • You need to perform proper research about the products that you will be selling. Try affiliating to the sites that sell almost everything. You can start with Amazon as it will allow you to become affiliated with many companies.

More important Point

  • Joining an affiliate program is always free. The companies that charge you for becoming an affiliate are always spam. Try to stay away from it. If any company is asking you your personal bank details then it is definitely a scam. The only investment in the affiliate marketing is developing, running and enhancing your website.
  • The best way to reach out to the customers is by adding links in your content. This proves to be beneficial for you as it will directly take people to the company’s site and when they buy any product or services, if they purchase it, will be from your URL.
  • Try having visual ads in the sidebars of your website. We know that visional memory is not easily forgotten. So try giving your customers something to remember.
  • Try maintaining a record by the analysts of your success. The product that has given you a lot of profit can be really useful as you can use it to attain more profit. Always pay attention to the posts that is read by most of the people. Try maintaining them updated.
  • Expand your business. Refer from contracting your business. Always look for new products that people want to purchase.
  • Constantly promote your business online. This will help people remember the name of your website.
  • Try automating your business. Many digital marketing tools are available. This will require you to invest some money but this investment should be able to give you a positive return.

Platforms for affiliate marketing

There are many platforms that allow you to make some extra dough online. This is a very large industry and this is the main source for online income for thousands of people. This is a very easy and unique method to make money from what you like. If you are worried about the stress that you will face day to day then you can opt for various affiliates marketing software. These platforms will enhance and modify the working of your website.

  • Cake: If you want something to be a complete management tool to track and optimize your network then CAKE is the best for you. There is a wide range of features that these cloud-based tool providers like; real-time metrics, multiple payout formats, and fraud protection.
  • Link Trust: This has been in service since the year 2002. This software has made its place among the most accurate tracking affiliate software. Link Trust can be used to track any advertisement online and offline.
  • OmniStar: This site has been in business for about 13 years. The website has also been awarded as one of the best websites for affiliate marketing. The software gives you all the required skills for your website.
  • Impact Radius: This software has been known to provide a transparent environment to thousands of people for affiliate marketing. The features that the software provides include; tracking of promo codes, call tracking, SEO friendly links and the list continues.

Do’s and Don’ts for how to become an affiliate marketer

If you like a thing it is very difficult to not share it with people. Earning commission from just referring these products to others is the best way to earn an extra penny. But with this ease comes a sense of responsibility that you need to take care of while going for things like these.

Do’s for how to become an affiliate marketer 
  • Try sticking to your niche. So The most common mistake that most of the marketers do is that they try to promote all the products. Try to promote and sell less number of products in the beginning. This will enhance the working of your website and skills.
  • Try creating compelling content. You need compelling traffic to your website. Try having customers that keep coming back to your website.
  • Place links in the relevant content. Your customers should be able to see the required link.
  • Be patient while receiving your profits. because Affiliate marketing may give you a lot of profit but not instantly. There are some posts which may give you more yield and there are some there are which do not.
  • To be successful in the affiliate marketing you need to pair up with your manager and work with him. Collaborating with the manager may help you a lot in the field of affiliation.
Don’ts for how to become an affiliate marketer 
  • Never use content that is not relevant to your website. Because this makes you lose regular traffic to your website. This may become the reason for decreasing your profit.
  • The websites that constantly try to sell their products may sometimes end up irritating the customers.
  • Try avoiding the violation of the terms and conditions of the affiliate. You may end up in the problem with less or no profit.

PROS AND CONS For how to become an affiliate marketer 


  • The ad space that is given to the online merchants in this process free and they have to pay to keep in mind the results.
  • Profit can be earned by just posting ads of the merchants.
  • The product can be promoted to vast audiences.
  • The collaboration of the marketers and the affiliates and this collaboration may prove beneficial to both of them.


  • The fake advertisements may destroy your reputation in the market.
  • The payment in the affiliate marketing is a little risky.
  • Some programs may trick the affiliates into high commission. These may prove to spam and may get you in trouble.


There are many advantages of affiliate marketing. Earning money in the comfort of your home is the best thing. By taking proper care and saving yourselves from the spams, this is the best thing that you can try.


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