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Free online digital marketing course that will blow your mind

Do you feel that you are a beginner and want to learn free online digital marketing course from scratch?

Are you someone who feels lost after doing internet marketing course from a reputed institute? You might feel you wasted your parents’ hard-earned money.

Are you a person who wants to earn online?

 Are you frustrated with your 9 to 5 job and want to start something of your own?

You know what you have tried everything in your arsenal. Maybe you have spent lakhs of rupees learning digital marketing through various institutes and still, you land up nowhere.

Even some of you might have tried online digital marketing course but felt that it’s not offering you any value.

You feel guilty that you have spent lots of money on doing internet marketing course.

But still, haven’t earned a penny? You feel that you have wasted your parents’ hard-earned money. You feel defeated from inside. 

But let me tell you friends all this has happened with me too. I was just like one of you when I started.

The journey from Untold Pain to Untold Gain

If you can relate to any of the questions above, then my friend you are in the right place. I can totally relate to you.

So you might be thinking “Who Am I”?

You might have a question in your mind as to why should you listen to me?

Let me tell you in brief about my story.

I am Anamitra, the founder of SquadNinja. I provide Advanced SEO and Digital Marketing Training to people. But you need to know about my background first.

This is because only then you would be able to relate as to why I came up with a free online digital marketing course.

I have 10-11 years of experience in the IT industry. I started my career as a developer and gradually moved on to becoming a project manager over the years.

There was a time when I too was in a job as you, I did not love doing.

It used to burn me from inside as to do I want to keep doing this for the rest of my life?

Then one day, I made a decision to change my life once and for all. I put down my papers and left the job.

This is because I always dreamt of being an entrepreneur and doing something of my own. Like you all, I was too fascinated by the term online earning. But you know what, it was not easy.

My family was against it.

This is because I left a well-paying job and started focusing on learning digital marketing tutorials. But still, I went ahead with my decision since I wanted to do something for myself.

My Mirror – The First Venture

I along with few of my friends who were colleagues of mine started an online education platform called “My Mirror”. It was an online education portal for GATE students.

Our thought process being a beginner was like that the day we will launch it, it will skyrocket.

We were of the impression that we will become a millionaire soon. But guess what we failed to get traffic to our site.

You know why? Because we failed to learn the basic concept that is “Marketing”.

We were not able to get people on board. We also could not afford traditional marketing channels as you know its way too expensive.

During that time we got some know-how that there is something called online digital marketing.

 Hence during our learning journey, we decided to learn about all aspects of marketing.

This is because digital marketing tutorial is all about marketing only. As a result, we did a lot of hard work, went through many courses and took the help of the internet.

But during this journey, I struggled a lot and realised that there are a lot of courses available most of which are useless and not adding any significant value in the life of those who want to learn digital marketing.

I knew within that digital marketing is the skill which has the power to change the lives of many people.

This is what gave birth to my online portal “Squadninja.net” and that is how I decided to come up with a free online digital marketing course.

The aim was to train millions of people worldwide about the biggest opportunity which they can make use of for their benefit.

A magical solution to help you get rid of your worries

During my journey of learning, I did several courses. I invested my time as well as cost. But still, I found one thing missing.

Want to know what that thing is!! Well, that is “Genuine” to help others.

It pained me to see that most of the trainers in this field were charging huge amount of money for teaching.

Also, the courses which I did only provide me with more theoretical knowledge and less of practicality and I realized I was back to square one. 

I spent many years I could learning through youtube and other sources. Guess what!! There was information overload.

But what made me different was that being an IT guy, I believed in practical implementation.

This is how I learned everything about digital marketing from scratch. 

Hence, I decided what I have learned after 10 years of hard work should be shared with people.

Also, it is my mission to train 1million people the basics of internet marketing by 2020. Keeping my mission in mind I came up with a unique and different free online digital marketing course.

You may ask why for free? Because I am of the view that learning about the basics of internet marketing course is a must for everyone.

Also just because of the cost issue, no one should be devoid of such learning.

Since I believe in practical implementation, hence I devised digital marketing tutorial too keeping that in mind.

I have divided the whole internet marketing course into six modules which are core pillars in itself. Every module is divided into different subsections. these are as follows:-


Imagine a world in which every single person on the planet is given free access to the sum of all human knowledge.” –

Jimmy Wales

In this module of the free online digital marketing course, you will get to know closely about your mentor.

You will also get to know how you are different than that rest of the people. You will get to know the overall structure of the course in this introduction part.

It is like an army is given a roadmap or plan outlay of how they going to tackle the opposition in the battlefield by their leader.


“A vision without a strategy remains an illusion.”

Lee Bolman

Just like army people need to have appropriate tools and strategy before they enter into a battlefield similar is the case with this module.


Once your leader will have told you about their overall plan, then you must have basic tools like soldiers have weapons before they enter into the battlefield.

These tools will make your work easier as weapons are necessary for a soldier before entering into a battlefield.

Without a strategy in place, no soldier will be able to protect himself. Similarly, you need to understand the basic tools and strategy before you jump into the battlefield.


Persuasion is a sort of demonstration since we are most fully persuaded when we consider a thing to have been demonstrated –


A soldier works best when he has weapons and knows what is expected of him on the battlefield. Similarly, you have a mentor here.

I will practically demonstrate to you how to make use of all the tools and strategies for your benefit in this free online digital marketing course.


Let us see what Mark Zuckerberg says about facebook. His quote is as follows:-

Think about what people are doing on Facebook today. They’re keeping up with their friends and family, but they’re also building an image and identity for themselves, which in a sense is their brand. They’re connecting with the audience that they want to connect to. It’s almost a disadvantage if you’re not on it now.” –

Mark Zuckerberg, Founder, Facebook

Are you aware of the fact that Indians has the highest number of Facebook users in the world?

Shocked!!! It’s true my friends.

  • As of January 2019, India stands at the top with 300 million users leaving the USA behind at 210 million users.
  • As per research, 74% of people visit Facebook daily and 96% of users access Facebook via mobile.
  • On an average around 35 minutes is spent on facebook by the users.

This itself tells you the power of Facebook. Almost everyone right from a student to a client which you want to target is on Facebook.

So you have a huge opportunity in front of yourself. Hence you will learn everything right from the basics of Facebook to creating a FB campaign and various aspects related to it.

Running an effective Facebook Ad is one of the most important things in digital marketing which you must be aware of.

Hence, we have dedicated a whole module in making you learn all aspects of Facebook in our free online digital marketing course.


Expect the best, plan for the worst, and prepare to be surprised.”

In a battlefield, the army needs to implement whatever they have planned. All that needs to be done effectively to win the war.

Similarly here you will be taught on how to make practical use of all the tools and strategies.

I am pretty sure after going through this module; you can easily start your blog or website and apply all the tips and strategies which you have learned.

This way you will be learning everything practically and also implementing at the same time.


Here you will test our campaign and see how can we improve it for better results.

Just like the objective of a soldier is to win the war for his country, therefore we need to keep testing our campaign.

It should be done until we attain our objective of minimising the cost of advertising and reaching the right set of audience.

I hope till now you must be feeling pretty excited since a lot will be covered under this course.

But wait, there will be a bonus module too for you guys, in other words, you all will be going to love.

But you will get to know about it only when you enrol in this free online digital marketing course.

You will get a chance to interact directly with your mentor and solve all your queries.

Trust me, friends, no course allows you one to one access with your mentor for free.

But I have faced this problem myself and hence I want to hold your hand and take you towards a path which can completely change your life for good.

If you are ready to put in efforts, I will stand by you and will help you in every step. I am just asking to invest your time.

You invest your time and your life would never be the same again. Don’t miss this golden opportunity.

Sign up to free online digital marketing course today!!

Testimonials of Happy and Successful Students

Let me show you some of the testimonials we receive from people who enrolled in our online digital marketing course and now are a part of our SquadNinja community.

deep kushwaha free online digital marketing course review
Pooja dev  free online digital marketing cours review
Raghave sharmaonline digital marketing cours review
Nirav Hiingu free online digital marketing cours review
Sandeep gharde  online digital marketing cours review
ankur purecha Free online digital marketing cours review

You can go through the page link given below and see the rating for yourself. You can also go through many more SquadNinja Academy testimonials.

Mindblowing offer you can’t refuse

Our online digital marketing course is divided into 6 modules. Here is a brief of what all we will be covering in each module:-


Module 1: Introduction of free online digital marketing course

In this module of our free online digital marketing course, I will first tell in brief about my story and background.

module 1 introduction free online digital marketing course
  • This is important as you must know about your mentor from whom you going to learn.
  • I will also talk about the overall structure of the course.
  • I will explain to you a very important strategy called “Goal, Plan and Schedule(GPS)
  • You will get to know why you are different from the rest.

Module 2: Strategy of free online digital marketing course

Module 2 strategy free online digital marketing course
  • In this module, you will learn about the tools strategy which includes both free and paid tools.
  • In this online digital marketing course, you will learn strategies about the following:-
    1. Facebook,
    2. Landing page,
    3. Autoresponder,
    4. Blog strategy.
  • Under this strategy module, you will also be taught how you can arrive at selecting a particular niche for yourself.

Module 3: Demonstration of free online digital marketing course

Module 3 demonstration free online digital marketing course
  • Under this module, I will show you practically on how you can start in the field of digital marketing. Here you will be taught from scratch on how to register your domain and hosting. All other necessary steps will also be taught to you.
  • Under this module of online digital marketing course, you will be made familiar with all the basic concepts and tools you might have heard about. In this digital marketing tutorial module, you will not only be taught, but I will hold your hand and demonstrate you the practical aspects of every tool such as Mailerlite, Canva, Grammarly, pro writing aid, etc.

right from scratch.

Module 4: Facebook Demo

module 4 Facebook demo free online digital marketing course
  • In this module, I will be teaching you about the story of Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook, Why your business should be on Facebook, level of Facebook advertisements, Facebook objective, etc. You can say this through this module of online digital marketing course, you will learn about the social media aspect too.
  • Through this internet marketing course, you will also learn why you require a FB business manager account and what are its advantages.
  • You will learn how to create A FB ad and how to generate massive traffic through its use.

Module 5: Implementation

Module 5 Implementation free online digital marketing course
  • This module of online digital marketing course, I would practically implement the things which I have taught to you till now.
  • This module will help you learn practically right from scratch as I will do everything that I have taught. You just need to copy what I will be doing. I have made it so easy for you.
  • Under this module of our digital marketing tutorial, I will be taking the example of a case study of launching my course as you can see in the above image. This way you would be easily able to relate all the learning’s so far you have done in the course.

Module 6: Optimization of free online digital marketing course

Digital marketing is all about testing and optimization. It is done as per the response received from users.

Accordingly one needs to make small changes in their campaign strategy. Also one needs to ensure that cost per lead is getting minimized. T

here are several other elements which you are going to understand after going through this module.

Bonus module

Well, this module can be a game-changer for you. To know more about it:

Enrol in our free digital marketing course today!!

Who this course is for?

  • Well, this free online digital marketing course is for anyone who is a beginner and wants to learn about the basics of internet marketing.
  • This course is open to all irrespective of their age who intend to learn about the digital marketing field and does not know where to start from.
  • This free online digital marketing course is not only for students but for working professionals and housewives too.
  • Those who want to take their business online but are unaware of internet marketing and its terms, it’s a must for them.
  • This social media course is a must for all who wants to become an entrepreneur and start something of their own.

Sign up —- Free online digital marketing course

Will I become an expert after this course?

Now you might be having a question Anamitra I understood everything. I know what all modules are there and what will be covered in your digital marketing classes. But is there any guarantee that I will become an expert after this course.

To be honest with you my friend, I understand your apprehension. Since you have done a lot of social media courses earlier too without getting any success.

But let me be honest with your friends.No course can guarantee to make you an expert in 15 hrs.

But by doing this course you will start on your journey to becoming a digital marketer. Digital marketing is a vast subject in itself.

But don’t worry!!! You have your life support and a community full of like-minded people to help you.

We are always there to support you. We will ensure that you become a master in this field.

What you can expect to get from this online digital marketing course

You will get

  • 15 hours of valuable content.
  • Access to downloadable slides and so that you can see them even while being offline.
  • Practical knowledge on how you can begin your digital marketing journey.
  • Quizzes after every module which will help you to test your knowledge.
  • A certificate of completion which you can showcase in your resume to get a job in this field.
  • Access to our Facebook community. It consists of like-minded individuals who will be there to help you in case you encounter any problem.
  • Direct access to personal mentor through the community
  • You also get lifetime access to our course.

Sign up: — Free online digital marketing course

This is the time to make a decision my friend. A decision of which road you want to take. Do you want to continue on the path on which you have been travelling for decades?


Do you want to take the road less travelled by and want to try something different?

The path of least resistance will likely result in the same outcome my friend which you have been getting for years.

If you genuinely want to change your life, then you must enrol in this free online digital marketing course.

It will prove to be a game-changer for you. Give yourself the best gift of life. Enrol today and see the difference it brings to your life.

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  1. I was a student under SquadNinja and I highly recommend anyone to undergo this training if they want to really understand everything about in Digital marketing.

    Highly remarkable and completely hands-on training given by the trainers at #SquadNinja.

    The training delivered here is a little different than the rest. You are taught the concepts of Digital Marketing Training one by one. You have to learn the concepts and complete the given assignments. All the assignments are real-time which help the students to practically understand how well they performed. Overview of Digital Marketing, Email Marketing, Facebook Marketing, Designing Website on WordPress etc.

    I find this to be very effective because it can easily let anyone know where they stand or how much do they have to practice, in order to get better.
    The most amazing things about this course is totally free of cost.


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