Best Ways To Make Money

Best Ways To Make Money | Step by Step Guide For Beginner

So till Now, You must have seen my previous blogs on which I have described all these four ways of best way to make money

  1. Freelancing
  2. Youtube
  3. eBook
  4. Affiliate Marketing.

We will give you a detailed explanation and tell you about the pros and cons of each of them. After reaching the end of the article you would be completely sure about which is the best way to make money for you.

So , It’s time to decide which one is the best way to make money to have alternate source of income ?

According to me affiliate marketing is the best way. Let’ see why ?

So Why Affiliate Marketing is the best way to make money?

1. It is Fastest

You can use tools like WordPress to shave days off setting up, as it now takes just a few hours.

be up and running fast and continue to grow your site at your own pace. You don’t need any products of your own, payment processing, on-site help or have to deal with deliveries, payments or returns, all of which would take months to set up.

With affiliate marketing, you can start right now so you can say that Affiliate marketing is one of best way to make money.

best way to make money

2. It is Safest

We’re talking about building a solid business, not something which will soon be past its sell by date, or get you banned from the search engines. What’s the point of setting up, only to have to do it again when what you thought was a shortcut to an online income, burns out overnight? Your own website saves you from all that.

Don’t believe those who suggest they have a ‘push button’ solution, as it doesn’t exist. Also ignore those who tell you that you don’t need your own website.

Promoting on other sites only leaves you wide open to the potential risks of being shut down or banned. You need your own online real estate to avoid any problems

3. It is Most expandable

Once you have chosen your niche, you’ll find many affiliate products you can earn commission from in networks.

As your website grows, so can the offers you promote, which means more income streams. You can also expand in to other niches, which you’ll probably want to do, once you see how easy it is to set your website up.

Your very own website is by far the best way to build your affiliate business online. And it’s much faster and easier to set up than you probably think.

4.The simplicity of affiliate marketing

With affiliate marketing, you choose products to promote on your site, relevant to your content, which have what is known as an ‘affiliate programme’.

This simply means that the company, or ‘merchant’, is prepared to pay you for any sales they get, when someone clicks through from your site and buys.

You use a simple link on your site, which when clicked, identifies you as the one who sent one of your visitors to the merchant’s site. If that visitor buys, you earn a commission. How much? Well this varies and is between around 4 per cent right up to 75 per cent of the sale. You are normally paid bi-weekly or monthly on the sales from the previous period.

You use a simple link on your site, which when clicked, identifies you as the one who sent one of your visitors to the merchant’s site. If that visitor buys, you earn a commission. How much? Well this varies and is between around 4 per cent right up to 75 per cent of the sale. You are normally paid bi-weekly or monthly on the sales from the previous period.

Affiliate marketing is on of best way to make money But Still lots of People Fail In affiliate Marketing Why?

Let’s figure out main reasons-


If you hope to be successful with affiliate marketing and you and to earn through best way to make money, then one of the most important things you need to do is figure out a strategy and then stick with it.

You want to stick with a strategy before you decide to move onto something else. Many people fail at affiliate marketing because they get discouraged when one strategy doesn’t pull in the results they hoped for.

Usually these people may have unrealistic expectations, and when those unrealistic expectations aren’t met they throw in the towel. All of this can be easily avoided when you make the commitment to stick to one method.

After you have given any method an honest try and you are not satisfied with the results, then you can decide to move on. Even with all this being said, I would say it is better to have any kind of strategy than to not have a strategy at all.

Affiliate marketing can be very competitive at times, and going in with a battle plan will definitely help you on the long run. If you hope to avoid failure, develop or learn a strategy now and commit to it.



Once you have adopted an effective strategy for your affiliate marketing efforts, this will not be enough. Having an effective strategy simply means knowing what you want to do, but it doesn’t mean knowing how you are going to do it.

A lot of would-be Affiliate marketers fail because they don’t even know how to get started. Being able to map out the appropriate action steps you need to take right now is very important. In order to do this I would recommend you keep some sort of written plan, whether it be on your computer or on paper of what needs to be done first.

Drawing out several action steps and then taking action on them is what will contribute to your success. Whenever you feel like an improvement can be made to a given step, you can do this.

But you would not make the mistake that so many Affiliate marketers make and constantly search for a better way before you even get started. You will take action first and then make adjustments as you go along. When you do it this way it is a much better approach, and you will gain a lot of hands-on experience.


Traffic alone is not enough. You definitely want qualified traffic. Meaning that the visitors are targeted, and that you have a strong message-to-market match between your offer and your visitor (and more specifically: their intention).

When it comes to traffic, always remember that quality beats quantity. You want to target as specifically as you possibly can. This will often result in fewer unique visitors, but higher conversion rates – and mean a higher number of sales than more unique visitors and a drastically lower conversion rate.


Writing content is an issue for a lot of people. You’re not alone. It helps to look at it from another angle, rather than just a mundane marketing task. Instead, consider it part of “a conversation”.


The biggest key to writing copy is to focus on the benefits, not the features. We tend to write from our own perspective, and often describe the product or features. A good example of this is opt-in copy that says “Sign up for my mailing list”. best way to make money That describes the product and leaves the reader asking… why?? The goal of sales copy is to answer the why, not to make them ask it.

While you will need to have some basic copywriting skills as an affiliate marketer, your primary focus will be on the pre-sell – not on making sales. It’s the merchant’s job to close the sale. The affiliate simply sends qualified (ideally, pre-sold) leads.


I often get asked if I bother building an email list in all of my affiliate niches. I haven’t always, but you really should.These email ids will be always with you. and you can re-target them whenever you want.


Becoming (successfully) self-employed requires self-discipline and self-motivation. And in the beginning, sacrificing what we consider our “free time”. It’s hard work.

That, and working from home is not necessarily easy for everyone. It sounds great as a concept, but there are many home & family distractions to work around. Not to mention a lack of concrete direction and standard operations that we’re used to from working at a traditional job.


This is one the most difficult thing if you are newbie . Top vendors don’t trust you and feel hesitant to make you as their affiliate. Initially it bit harder to convince them. But with a structured approach and followups you can do it.

I have a solution for earning the best way to make money

Initially , i did not think about strategy. I did not even give a thought how important it is. If you do not have a strategy then off-course you will not have structured action plan. Exactly same things happened to me.

I was only sending traffics to my affiliate link blindly . Nobody told me the send qualified traffic which have highest probability to convert means qualified traffic. I was running ad campaign without doing split testing and driving traffic , costs me a lot.

Upsell and Downsell

I did a lot of mistakes, I was sending traffic directly to my affiliate link. and hence my conversion rates are very low. Nobody told me I have to make my own mailing list and then nurture them and once I feel they are converted from cold to hot lead then send to my landing page or sales copy, give them special offers, build more trust and then at the end send to at my affiliate links.

Nobody told me, if someone does not buy then you should re-target them again.

No one told me generally people don’t take a decision at first look. They took the decision of purchasing after 7th to 10th look. I don’t have any idea about Upsell , Downsell.

I was thinking having own website is waste of time and difficult to build and manage. Nobody told me that if you have safer and long term goal then you must have website and that you can achieve very easily with wordpress. I thought it will be very difficult to write content or blog . I was not aware that it can be outsourced.

Even I feel lots of problem getting the affiliate links from vendor as i was newbie and nobody trust new people in any industry.

If I truely say at that time Strategy, Action Plan,Qualified traffic,split testing,mailing-list,nurturing wordpress are like alien word for me and unfortunately i did not get any mentor who can teach me all these.

I wish to had a good mentor. But I learn all these with myself with lots of effort and wasting lots of money and time.

So the Final Conclusion is people start with Affiliate Marketing, But they do not know how to do market things on the Internet or Online. How to have good sales funnels and they don’t know which one is the best way to make money.

Seeing all these I have decided to design a training program on Internet Marketing which will

Help student to Build Strategy,

Give students Action Plan (Tasks) –

Review their Performance.

Give them Demo for all the tools recommended.

Run Live campaign and show them everything behind my shoulder.

Give them product to sell. ( without any kind of approval :))

and many more…..

And one last an important thing, If students do not satisfy, we will refund their full money. It means training program with a money back guarantee. 

SO, If You

are working in a company and wants to have an alternate source of income 

 complete newbie wants to start affiliate marketing.

is struggling with affiliate marketing

You are most welcome.

If you want to see details of the program. Click here.

One thing, I just want to clear. This is Not Quick Get Rich Scheme. This is not the shortcut. Work hard. 

If someone is telling shortcuts to earn money fast. He is simply lying.

There is no shortcut to success


You would not be able to make your online income from the first day itself. But if you work hard and make a proper strategy for marketing and getting traffic to your website, then you can definitely make some money online.

This is 60 days training program daily 1 to 2 hours, weekly 5 to 10 hours you need to spend.

The Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing


Free Signup a look here.

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