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Best Way To Earn Money Online In India | 5 Realistic Ways

Do you want to know the best way to earn money online?

Approx 4 years back, I really don’t know the best way to earn money online, but one of my colleagues bought a brand new car named Honda City. I was surprised to see this. As we both were at the same position in the same company and withdrawing the same amount of salary. Initially I thought, his father may help him. But I could not able to resist myself and Finally, I asked 

Me – Ashish, How did you get this car?

Ashish – I bought this with my own money.

Me – You must be joking, I know we both have the same salary and this salary, we can afford this.

Ashish –  I am an online Entrepreneur and make money online on the Internet.

Initially, I thought either he is joking, lying, hiding or doing some ill – legal stuff.

But once he explained everything and I saw him working, it forced me to believe in him.

Where I have got an idea best way to earn money online

Now it is common, Most of the time it is observed that folks explore for online jobs or earning methods in there a free time or just by working for 2 to 3 hours because online has so numerous chances or we can say opportunities to earn money. And, also it has become a passion to work online at your own space.

Just by investing some time every day on the internet can help you earn a handsome amount. There are many ways to earn money online, through which you can make money.without investment but here i am going to talk about you to the best way to earn money online.

Through these methods through which you can actually make money. Yes, it is an assurance from my side that if you follow our instructions you can surely be successful with no doubt because these methods are personally tested by my teammates as well.


Choose Which one is the best way to earn money online for You

So, let’s go through those you best way to earn money online by which you can actually make money.


best way to earn money online

How you will select the best way to earn money online via Freelancing

Freelancing is the best way followed by professionals and non-professionals for earning money at there own space. Generally, a person who does freelancing is called a freelancer. A freelancer or freelance wage earner is a word usually used for an individual who is independent of working for a 5 p.m. job and can work at any time as per suitable.

What skills are required to become a freelancer?

There are many skills that you can have and you don’t have any idea about it that you can use your that skill for earning. Say for example, if you are indulging to work as a copy and paste freelancer then do you really think that copy-pasting requires any skills? It is as simple as anything. But yes, if you want to earn really good then you need to have some special skills to earn more. Like, you can have skills like article writing, or website designing, Business skills, Communication skills and what not. You can have any skills which differentiate you from other people so that you can earn more.

Famous websites for freelancing

There are many websites for freelancing but the most convenient and easy to use are upwork, Fiverr, peopleperhour and contentmart. These are the websites where you can provide your services by just making your account and showcasing your skills.

All About Proposal and Bids

In working as a freelancer, proposal writing and biding play a very significant role as just by both of these, one will hire you. So, it is necessary to write a proposal in a perfect way by showing all your skills and what you can do for a client so that the client does hire you. It’s not that tough but you need to be smart in this case in order to get more clients you should know how to write a perfect proposal and should know what bid can be made to win that.

2. Youtube Marketing

best way to earn money online

How you will select the best way to earn money online via YouTube

YouTube is a perfect and an abundant home for comical, pleasurable content, along with this it’s also progressively suitably a vital tool for sellers. In spite of these facts, according to the report of State of Inbound, about 48% marketers are planning to add Youtube in their marketing strategies because these days Youtube is watched more than television. Youtube marketing simple means showcasing your product on Youtube just by making videos where you find more audience and can get more customers easily.


First step towards Youtube Marketing

Before starting Youtube marketing you should have a Youtube account and a channel on where your audience is going to have there product. After this, naming your channel, setting attractive icon, creating videos and having a crowd audience type of work is done. But, firstly you should have your own Youtube Channel.

You Can Read My This Blog For earning Money Via YouTube:- How To Earn Money Through YouTube

Video Creation according to targeted audience

Now, the most important aspect of Youtube Marketing that will help you in getting your audience and earn more. So, you should take video creation a very serious and important task for this. Your video should be created keeping in mind about the taste and interest of your audience.

Whether it’s about the content of the video or using a good-quality camera for making videos everything is important.

Benefits of having own channel on Youtube

Having your own channel will create a great impact on the audience as more audience will reach you through your channel and your videos will not get scattered like anything they will have their significance. Another thing is by having own Youtube channel Google will help for Search Engine Optimization(SEO) as well.

3. Writing an E-Book

best way to earn money online

How you will select the best way to earn money online via writing and Selling Ebook

Since the advent of technology, digital reading plans have developed extremely widely held. At this instant, it is an abundant time for writers to take advantage of e-book trades. E-Books originate with several welfares when associated with old-style published volumes. Also, you can board the advertising of an e-book to a central crowd of book lovers. Generally, producing an e-book is a boundless method to display cabinet your endowments in a more easy and efficient manner.

Selection for topic according to the taste of audience, Profits

Selecting a topic in which you are moreover extremely well-informed or obsessive about is fundamental to constructing an e-book that will be helpful and money-making. Also, choose that topic which audience is crazy to read or you can also choose the topic which nobody has written yet. Choose the location you want to board, recognize their requirements, and write that topic of your volume because all these things will help you to earn the profits.

All about plagiarism free unique content, editing, formatting and cover design

Your e-book should have unique and interesting content so that more audience can be attracted. And this can only be done through the choice of topic so keep in mind your topic for writing the e-book should be really interesting or you can choose that topic which audience will not get in free. After this, the task of editing and formatting of the content and designing a cover for your e-book is also important because this will also help you to gain more audience and make profits.

E-book pricing

Pricing of the e-book only depends on the audience. For that, you can provide some free copies and after that, you can set the price of your e-book according to that. Remember you topic selected and the content should have the capability to gain the attention.

how to sell ebooks and Make Money online | step by step guide

4. Blogging

best way to earn money online

How you will select the best way to earn money online via blogging

Originally, blogging indulges an individual web record, in which an individual would magazine about their diurnal. The word “blog” originated from the term “web log.” Or we can say that, a blog is a talk or informational website available on the World Wide Web be made of distinct, frequently casual diary-style edition records.

The Internet has the utmost new novelties every while similarly, numerous businesspersons saw a presentation probable in partaking a blog, and blogging took off since then. you can be used for marketing also earn profits as well as through blogging.

Reason for being Popular

Blogging is an abundant search engine optimization (SEO) apparatus because of the reason that search engine affections fresh content. The more a client visits your blog, the more possible they are to devote bread. So by this, we get to know that through blogging profits can be earned. Also, by means of your manufactured article or facilities, blogs can make income from other resources, such as promoting and affiliate goods.

How to start the  best way to earn money online one and opting correct blogging platform with a purpose

You can use free blog resources to start with your blogs like WordPress or Blogger but to gain crowd thinks through spending in a hosting your domain name. And, when your blog is ready to use you can come over with fresh and new content every while because that will help you to grow your blog with interesting content, the great crowd of the audience and a good income as well. You can advertise other companies product and can use facilities in affiliate marketing also. And, if you have your own business and product, you can promote that also.

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5. Affiliate Marketing

best way to earn money online

How you will select the best way to earn money online via Affiliate marketing?

It is the procedure of earning a commission by advertising other people’s (or company’s) goods. Or in other words, Affiliate marketing is some of the ancient practices of marketing in which you bring up somebody to any online manufactured goods and when that individual purchases the item centered on your reference, you have a commission. You can find products of different companies like Amazon, Flipkart etc. and can do affiliate marketing for their products.

 Advantages of Affiliate Marketing

The foremost benefit of consuming affiliate marketing is that it is completely performance-based. For the reason that affiliates are only salaried a commission when the preferred action has in use. It can be an actual low-risk investment in effect to help enlarge advertising hard work outside a minor commercial old-style bandwidth.

Choose your role and research products

You can choose whichever product you think can do great increase in your income. But make sure before choosing any product research about the product that whether or not it is in demand or not. Because doing affiliate marketing for the product which is not in demand can be a great risk for you.

So, Explained above are the best and reliable ways through which you can actually make money and give your family more happiness and pleasure that they really deserve.

So which way suits you more ?

Are you still not able to decide ?

Don’t worry in upcoming post , i will write about all 5 ways in much details .

Next Post will be on Freelancing. It will help you to decide whether freelancing is  your cup of tea ? 🙂

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