Best Advanced SEO Training That Can Change Your Life

Advanced SEO Training

Are you looking for Advanced SEO Training?

You might have joined an SEO training institute. But, there are very few institutes that provide good Advanced SEO Training in India, especially in Hindi.

This is because they do not reveal their secret sauce.

Are you struggling to learn Advanced SEO Secrets?

Let me start with a real story. But before that, let me first introduce myself.

I am Deep, an SEO Expert and the Co-Founder of SquadNinja.

From the past 5 years, I have been serving SEO clients from India and all around the world.

I used to get multiple requests from students and other SEO Professionals. Saying that they wanted Advanced SEO Training. But, being busy in client’s SEO activities, I was unable to help them.

Indeed, I used to feel bad, for not being able to help so many people. There was a small glitch. Most of the people knew something about SEO. But they were not getting any results. 

Results like ranking a website on Google’s first page, getting a lot of traffic or even leads. These are results that matter in SEO, and you achieve them after learning Advanced SEO Training.

Most of them were failing in SEO and that was because of two reasons. Neither did they know any Advanced SEO concepts nor did they have a proper strategy in place.

One day, Rohit (an SEO professional) messaged me on Facebook Messenger.

That day because of his message, everything changed including my mindset. Rohit had messaged me several times earlier too for SEO Training.

Since, I was busy with my client’s work. I used to humbly refuse training him. SEO training in India is common. Therefore, I asked him to join any good SEO Training Institute. I also suggested him to join any good online SEO Course.

Rohit had recently joined a company as an SEO Analyst. It is a Delhi based company. He earlier told me that his seniors were reluctant to share information with him.

But a few days back, he again messaged me. Indeed, this time he was very impatient.

He had paid 45,000 INR for advanced SEO Course. But he was not happy and satisfied with the SEO Training.

7 Problems with Advanced SEO Training Institute

Advanced SEO Training

He mentioned the following problems with their Advanced SEO Course.

  1. Lack of a good faculty– There was one good faculty, who used to take took demo class. This is because other faculties were ordinary. They had no real world experience.
  2. No Practical exposure–They teach only a theory. There were no practical demonstrations.
  3. No Attention – The batch was of 60 students. As a result, the faculty could not provide proper attention to each student.
  4. No Advanced SEO Training–They did not touch advance topic in SEO.
  5. No Secrets revealed–SEO Specialist did not reveal their secrets. As a result, you can find 80% of their training free of cost on Internet. Therefore, we can’t call such a program to be a proper and well laid out Advanced SEO Training Program.
  6. Traveling time – Sometimes I feel I should join online SEO training instead of classroom SEO training institute.
  7. Very High Fee–Don’t you feel 45,000 INR huge money for SEO Course.

Taking all this into account, with the growing competition in the industry. I have realized that anyone who is passionate to do SEO, should learn from the basics, i.e, foundation SEO. Later on, they should learn other advanced SEO concepts from an advanced SEO training program.

This technique will give them a competitive edge in the SEO industry. Where they could implement any concept/technique, to finally rank their website/blog on the first page of SERPs.

For your information, let’s understand SEO in simple terms;

What is SEO–Search Engine Optimization?

All of us know the virtual meaning of SEO as Search Engine Optimization, correct?

But what does it exactly imply?

What is a Search Engine and what is optimization?

Well, Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu. Yandex, Wolframalpha, DuckDuckGo are some of the most popular search engines. Consequently, you will get answers whenever you type in a query.

Advanced SEO Training

Well then, what is optimization?

Optimization is making your website or blog appear in the first few pages. But remember, SEO is all about organic listing which means free listing. Paid search does not fall under SEO.

SEO is making your blog/website more visible in the search results. Off course, without paying a single penny to the search engine.

Get more detail about SEO on Wikipedia 

You must be thinking, that’s OK Deep,

You’ve identified the problems and the requirements of why one should learn advanced SEO.

The first step is to watch the video completely.

Advanced SEO Master Class

But can you please tell me what should be my next step? 

Let me answer that for you one-by-one.

Now, the next step is to understand how this Advanced SEO Training Course can help you achieve your desired results-

Advanced SEO Training

First of all, this course is in Hindi so it can be easily understood by vast audiences. 

It starts from the basics of SEO and covers all the advanced concepts of SEO. In this course, I have revealed my top secrets and high-level SEO strategies, which I use for my SEO clients.

I have earned this knowledge the hard way.  Learning from my years of struggle and experience in the SEO industry. After lots of trial and testing I have come up with the best outcomes that has phenomenally helped many people achieve their desired results.

I can say that, this advance SEO course is the outcome of my 5 years of experience. Hence, this is not the same course as other SEO Training Institute are providing. This is an advance SEO training.

Why should you learn Advanced SEO ?

After you’ve passed out of Class 10th, you again joined school for Classes 11 and 12. Subsequently you joined college for graduating, and then for a master’s degree.

Similarly, this is a fast-changing search engine-oriented world. Hence, to excel – you need to be well balanced in your learning.

So only learning the basics will not help you. As a result, you need to master all the tricks and techniques. Consequently, that will make you super specialized in bringing up the website on the first page of search engines.

Why do we need to do it?

Because you want to enhance your knowledge and skills. This will not only help you to adapt better but will also help you to face challenges that life would throw at you.

Our Advanced SEO Training will equip you with better and sharper skills to face the challenges.

You can Sign up here for the course

Therefore, this training is a must for you. It is not just important for survival, but also to make yourself as an SEO expert.

Let’s see the benefits of this online advanced SEO Training–

Good SEO techniques can be so magical for your website, that they can get 10X traffic to your website, without spending a single penny. On the other hand, harmful SEO and scantily learnt skills can cause just the opposite.

Advanced SEO training will help you to optimize your websites much faster and easier than ever before.

Your advanced skills in SEO will help you tackle big projects. Hence, you can handle projects much more easily and with better confidence.

What is your ultimate goal?

Advanced SEO Training

To bring more relevant traffic to the website. This is because it would cause more sales.

Your website/blog should be like a pollen-laden flower which is always attracting honey bees. This you can achieve by Advanced SEO Training.

Let’s look at some very important questions which always come in the mind of SEO Analyst.

I will answer them in brief. But in our Advance SEO Course, you will get detailed and practical answers.

So, here are the top 9 Questions –

  1. How to find best possible and profitable keyword?
  2. Should I buy expired domain name?
  3. How can I get backlinks from the authority website?
  4. Can black hat SEO be used sometimes?
  5. How to write title which has high probability to rank?
  6. Does URL of my website impact ranking?
  7. I understand that image optimization means a reduction in size. Does Caption, Description and ALT tag too impact SEO ranking?
  8. Will too much update on my site affect SEO? If yes, then tell me will it affect positively or negatively?
  9. Is it very difficult to learn advance SEO?

How to find best possible and profitable keyword?

Keyword research requires a lot of research. But you should know step-by-step process to do this. I have written a detailed blog post – How to do keyword research for your blog post.


Content is  King, but Keyword is Throne.

If your content does not sit on Throne, Search Engines will not respect it by giving good ranking.

How to combine words and phrases to bring up the best keyword. This will help your website to rank better.

You will get my secrets keyword research excel sheet inside the advanced SEO training.

Should I buy expired domain name?

You will also learn why not to buy an expired domain name due to the many risks associated with it. Being penalized by Google is catastrophic. You will learn how to avoid being branded as a rogue site by a search engine.

How can I get backlinks from the authority website?

Do not be stingy on giving something back, because this will ultimately lead to more benefits for you. The fact which is being referred to here is backlinks.

If feasible, post healthy backlinks to sites of repute and authority on your page which will go well with Google. Avoid posting backlinks to spammy and malicious sites as Google takes a serious note of these offences and takes all measures to blacklist/penalize your site.

I will tell you in our Advanced SEO Training.

Neil Patel has also written a superb blog on building a high quality backlink. He also explained ways to scale this.

Can I use black hat SEO sometimes?

There are various types of SEO techniques, namely White Hat, Grey Hat and Black Hat. It is always advisable to avoid Grey Hat and Black Hat techniques.

I recommend to go ahead with the White Hat techniques. With  White Hat techniques, you will eventually master the art of building up a strong rapport with Google.

How to write title which has a high probability to rank?

Picking up a title, say for a blog post is not enough. You should also know whether that title has enough chances to rank high.

Ranking definitely does not happen immediately. It is a time taking, laborious process. Wouldn’t it be easier if you can start on the right track with your title?

There are many research tools which will help you check the online viability and visibility of your blog post title.The workings of this you will learn in Advanced SEO training.

Does URL of my website impact ranking?

The name of your URL is one place where you should pay special attention. Always go for https and not http, as the former shows a secure site while the latter does not.

Well versed users will simply get put off by the latter and may think of not visiting your site again. Everyone wants privacy and security for online data and transactions.

Which is why https is the more preferred one to opt for? Advance SEO Training will help you keep your URL short and to the point.

Long URL gets truncated after a certain limit with a (…). Moreover,  long URL is hard to remember.

Less remembrance means that a visitor will forget your site’s name more often.

Understand What is Image Optimization

Image Optimization means not only reducing the size. But also working on the caption, description and ALT tag, author name, geo tagging, etc to impact SEO ranking.

image optimization advanced seo training

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Along with text, any image will make your posts more attractive to the readers.

But you just cannot insert an image in your posts. For your images to be user friendly, you need to optimize your images.

With Advance SEO Training, you will learn –

  • How can you automatically reduce the size of your images?
  • Best way to add titles.
  • How to use captions?
  • Best process to incorporate geo tags with the help of specialized free software.

Also, always use the ‘alt’ attributes description for your images. Sometimes images cannot be displayed. Hence, ‘alt’ attributes will make it easier for the search engines to recognize your images.

Images size decides how fast a website will upload in your users mobile/laptop screens.

A delay of 1-3 seconds can be a very decisive factor. Therefore, the faster your page loads, the better is it for you.

Will too much update on my site affect SEO?

If yes, then tell me will it impact positively or negatively?

Like everything else, your site needs maintenance as well. As a result, any good site needs to be updated with the latest news and developments.

But beware of doing too much change in a site frequently. This is because it will flash the red beacon for Google. Hence, Google will immediately penalize if it feels that your website is suspicious or harmful.

Also, regular visitors may not like your website being updated too frequently. So they might find it difficult to navigate with these frequent changes. Consequently, this will lead them to scarcely visit the site. Therefore, this will lead to less traffic and lesser sales.

Hence, if required, try to update your site not more than once every month. With Advance SEO training you will know how to maintain your website and at what frequency.

Is it very difficult to learn advance SEO?

learn advanced seo training

Yes, the road to mastering good SEO techniques is definitely not laid with roses. Know where to put your foot forward. Any wrong step will cause a negative mark for you and for your site.

Our advance SEO training in Hindi will be your ultimate guide.It will help you launch of a great career. This advance SEO training in Hyderabad has been devised and time tested by industry certified professionals.

There is no magic pill nor any magical shortcuts to learn SEO. Learn well, practice hard and implement well. Learn from the best, so you may make optimum use of those learnings.This will carve out a bright and successful career for yourself.

If you wish to stay in the game, then you have to learn to play the game.

Advance SEO Training Program Unique and Scientific Approach

Advanced SEO Training

We did a lot of brainstorming while designing this program.

First question which came in my mind was, Why someone would buy this Advanced SEO Training Course?

Following are my answers.

1. You want to learn from the actual person who has experience.

2. Well structured and step by step defined learning course, and all information should be step by step and easy to understand.

3. After Completion of the course, you should be able to get clients/job/promotion.

Tell me if you don’t agree on the same!!!

Hence, these were the 3 major things we kept in our mind and focussed on while designing this training program.

Main Highlights of this Advanced SEO Course

advanced seo training benefits

Let’s see how your training is structured.

The best part of this advanced SEO training is that it is Hindi. Apart from the technical words, concepts, and narratives; everything else is spoken in Hindi. 

We have had numerous requests stating “It is very difficult to understand SEO from the Internet due to high-level of English language”. 

So we decided to make things easier for people who passionately want to learn SEO. 

Because, language should not be a barrier in your learning experience

As discussed earlier, we have divided each session into three parts.

  • Every concept requires a theoretical approach and we have limited that to 30% so that you can get the most out of every concept practically.
  • The theory is backed up by full practical demonstration which takes up 70%, so that you can repeat the same steps to achieve desired results
  • Your enrollment to this course gets you a personal invitation to our Secret FB Group. Here you can ask questions/doubts, interact with other members, watch LIVE sessions every week, and call us out for any help.

perfect learning experience advanced seo training

This is one of a kind of Hindi training program of SEO in India.

So let’s dive into what we will cover in  each module.

Module 1–Introduction to SEO and Search Engine – Advanced SEO Course

This session will be all about overview of Search Engine and Search Engine Optimization.

We will understand about search engine work method, Google Search Architecture, Ranking method and SERP and Search Operator.

We will also see different Search Engine Algorithms (eg. Panda, Penguin, EMD, Hummingbird, Payday, Fred, RankBrain, Medic Core etc). Another important aspect–To know from where you can get the latest search updates.

There is certainly great scope of Voice Search. If your web content is voice search compatible, then google will surely give you extra benefits.

At the end we will see a brief about Google’s most important Ranking Signals

advanced seo training module 1 and 2

Module 2–Keyword Research

We will start this session of Advanced SEO Training to understand about

  • Keyword Research,
  • Benefits of keyword research
  • Finding the profitable keyword.

Can you tell me? How many types of Keywords?

There are 9 types of keywords.

  1. Product or Service KW,
  2. Brand KW,
  3. Modifies KW,
  4. Entity KW,
  5. Geographic KW,
  6. Demographic KW,
  7. Call to Action KW,
  8. Educational KW and
  9. B2B KW.

Topics like Google Trends, and Google AdWords Keyword Planner Tool, will also be a part of this module.

We will discuss all these in-detail in this Module. Plus, will also look at techniques of qualifying a keyword and importance of LSI keywords.

Module 3–On Page SEO

This session will start with Factors responsible for on page SEO.

  • Title
  • Tag
  • URL
  • Voice Search Optimization for content
  • SEO Friendly Content Making,
  • Keyword Placement in the content.
  • Understanding importance of H1 to H6 tags and how to use it.
  • Importance of ALT
  • Highlight and Quote
  • Web structure and Design.

Title has a great impact and importance on the SEO. So, Title making strategy is very crucial to learn. How to place keyword, power word inside the title is a very strong strategy.

You will also learn about title for Local, Ecommerce and Promotion, Snippet and Meta Tag with Snippet.

SEO friendly URL structure, Meta Description, Keyword Density, Internal Link Building, Anchor Texts, Image Optimization and URL Redirecting techniques, Plagiarism and Pagination are other important topics of this module.

advanced seo training module 3 and 4

Module 4–OFF Page SEO

Link building (backlinks) plays a very crucial role in ranking your page.

Have you ever seen the Google Link Building Guideline?

We will start our session with this topic. Then we will discuss the anatomy of a Hyper-Link followed by 5 most important link building metrics.

We also cover following topics –

  • No-Follow,
  • Dofollow links,
  • Types of linking method
  • Social Media Links,
  • Local Business listing
  • Link Analysis tools

Later on we will dive into the 10 best link building methods of earning high quality backlinks. Finding bad backlinks, disavowing bad links, and learn 3 best Link Analysis Tools.

In the next section of this module we will look into everything about Local Citation, from business listings to important ranking factors, to tools to fix Citation issues.

We will talk about Blog and Forum commenting, importance of CommentLuv websites. We will also discuss the advantages of Guest Posting, perform Link Outreach and how to leverage from Broken Link Building.

Module 5–Technical SEO

Do you know that page loading speed has a huge impact on SEO? There are several tools which can help you to determine the speed. I will also share with you some important tips and tricks to improve page speed.

Have you heard about AMP and Dwell Time on SERP? This will also be discussed in this module.

We will cover the following topics.

  • What is Mobile Friendly Site Design?
  • Importance of Mobile Friendly Site Design
  • Good Mobile Friendly Theme
  • What is Sitemap?
  • What is Canonical Tag?
  • Why https is mandatory?
  • How to do Schema Mark-up?
  • Identification of Bad redirects (301, 302)?
  • What are domain redirections?
  • How to Identify Bad links?
  • How to use Link disavow tool?

And many other concepts of Technical SEO will be discussed in this Module.

advanced seo training module 5 and 6

Module 6–Local SEO and Google My Business

Google my business is very important for local SEO. If you configure and customize it properly, then surely it’s the fastest way to rank on google. Hence this section is an Integral part of our Advanced SEO Training.

We will dedicate this session to following topics.

  • Customization
  • Post creation process
  • Image uploading
  • Showcase products / Services
  • Enabling messaging
  • Appointment URL integration
  • Advance use of GMB
  • How to write Review
  • Integrate with website
  • How to enable 3 pack view
  • Right pane view
  • Basic of online Branding

Module 7–Google Search Console and Analytics

We will conduct a detailed and in-depth leaning on Google Search Console and Google Analytics.

Some topics are website position analysis, submission, indexing, ownership verifications.

We will also look into Google Analytics Reports and Website monthly reports. Mobile friendly test and AMP compatibility checks are also important ingredients of this session.

Additionally, we will look at the following topics;

  • Indexing Requests
  • Mobile Friendly Tests
  • AMP Compatibility Tests
  • Canonical fixes
  • Integrating GSC with Google Analytics
  • Tracking ID
  • Geographic & Demographic Importance
  • Real-Time Analysis View
  • Audience Section

advanced seo training module 7 and 8

Module 8–Paid SEO Tools & SEO Audit

This Module of Advanced SEO Training has two major parts.

In First Part, we will discuss ways about competitor analysis. Certainly this is the part you don’t want to miss.

We will discuss how to find your competitors. Also, we will discuss concepts like;

  • Rules to define the metrics 
  • Web Analysis 
  • Web Position Analysis 
  • SWOT analysis of your website 

In Second Part, we will discuss all Popular SEO Tools, Paid Vs Free Tools. We will also see tool configuration part and the usage process of SEO tools.

Additionally we will also look into the following;

  • Keyword Research Using Paid Tools
  • Sorting of Keywords to find the Best Keyword
  • Website Audit using Tools

Module 9-  E-Commerce SEO

Do you have an e-Commerce site?


Do you want to do SEO for any e-Commerce Site?

Then, here we will discuss e-Commerce/Local Business/Specific products keywords.

Some of the topics like;

  • Choosing Keywords for e-Commerce Product and Category Pages
  • Keyword Targeting & Page Optimization
  • Correct way of ecommerce Site architecture
  • Performing On-Page SEO of e-Commerce Site
  • Link Building techniques of an e-Commerce Site
  • Technical SEO for an e-Commerce Site

Will be a part of this Module.

advanced seo training module 9 and 10

Module 10 – Secret Strategies to Get Paid Clients

You have seen all the details of previous modules. Now tell me what will be the benefits of learning those modules if you can’t get Paid clients?

Hence this whole module will be dedicated on acquisition of Paid Clients.

I will share all my secret strategies. In fact , these strategies  have generated more than 2 million dollars in my journey.

I have been able to work with some big clients and all of this will be taught to you in this program. This is the last session of our Advanced SEO Training.

If you are still reading the blog, it means that you are passionate about SEO.

You have the hunger to learn and grow…

I respect your passion and hence offering you few awesome bonuses, if you join the class today. You will get following Bonuses

  • 30 Minutes One to One call with Rubel
  • How to get High Paying Clients
  • You will also get lifetime access to my Secret Facebook Group
  •  Complete backlinks and organic keywords data of 2 of your competitors by ahrefs and semrush

Trust me no one can provide this kind of SEO Training in India.

If you are still in a dilemma whether to join today, then read below statement

 A year from now you will Wish you had started today.

Click on the link below and Join the Course –

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