Advanced SEO Master Class @ Just Rs 824/-

Transform Yourself from Beginner to Expert in “Advanced SEO Master Class” to get More Traffic and Higher Ranking

Play the Video to see All the bonuses you will get and have an inside look at the Topics you will learn…

  • Helps in getting a Job or a Promotion
  • Amplify Sales for your Business
  • No Need to Pay 30,000 INR to learn the same skill
  • Rank Websites on the First Page of Google
  • No Need to Depend on unstructured half cooked Youtube Videos
  • Don't Worry about Organic Traffic any more
  • Get More Leads & Increase Your Sales
  • No Need to Struggle by figuring out everything yourself
  • Bloggers can start Blog Monetization
  • Open an Agency and Offer SEO Agency Services to Clients

You Will Get 10 Awesome Bonuses

I told you that we make this course so much valuable that you can’t say No.
Check all the Bonuses below of worth of thousand Rs.

Look At what’s included inside the Course:

  • In-depth 100+ Video
  • 100 PDFs Note for reference
  • Squad Ninja Completion Certificate
  • Practical Demonstration of each and every Concept
  • Downloadable Templates, and Cheat-sheets
  • Facebook Group dedicated to your Query Resolution
  • Two Moderators from FB Group are available to help
  • LIVE FB sessions for additional training

Rs 8240/-

Today’s Price (90% Discount)
Only Rs 824/-

Meet Your Instructor

Deep, SEO Expert


SEO Expert
Co-Founder, Squad Ninja

Deep is an SEO Expert. He is your main instructor and trainer. He has recorded all videos and available always on chat or message support. He will take weekly FB Live to solve your queries too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

In which language is the course delivered?

All videos are recorded in both, Hindi (80%) and English (20%) language. 

That brings the ease of understanding for our Indian Audience. We know that most of the advice/content on the Internet is in high-level English language. That is why we have decided to bring a change for our students.

How is the training going to be delivered?

After signing up for the course, you will receive login access to your email. All the sessions are pre-recorded & available for you to simply start learning from them.

It is an Advanced SEO Master Class can it be useful for beginners?

Yes, It is very useful for the Beginners.This program starts from scratch. That means this program works well, even if you have just started out or going to start your SEO journey

Is the course all Theory or is there any Practical Information inside the course?

Theory is always required to understand any technical subject. But this program is intensively focussed on practical implementations. A mix of 30% Theory and 70% Practical sessions are followed throughout this course. 

All our mentees have achieved their desired results in the past, by following this approach.

Will I have LifeTime access to the course?

Generally, it takes 2 months to complete the entire “ Advanced SEO MasterClass”. But you will have LIFETIME Access to all the course videos and resources. 

Once you buy the course, it is yours forever. We keep lifetime access so that students can revisit the concepts in case they have forgotten or got stuck somewhere.

How will I benefit from this course?

  • Students: You will learn a new 21st-century skill. That will not only help you to get a high-paying job, but it will also help you in ranking your own website.
  • Working Professionals: This will change the way you do SEO. After completing this course, you can Rank your Organization’s Website on the first page of Google, and that too for multiple keywords. High Rankings = More Traffic. More Traffic = More Sales for your Organization. This way you are sure to get Promoted in your Organization. 
  • Website/Business Owners: More Sales. That is the #1 thing this course will do for you. You will ask me, How? It will teach you how to rank your Website or your Client’s Website for multiple keywords. Once ranked, the Website will get a lot of Traffic. The secret strategies in this course will teach you how to Monetize that traffic to increase Sales & Conversions.
  • Bloggers: This is the best course for any Blogger or Solopreneur. Only focus on your content, all SEO activities (including the latest trends) required to rank your Blog, is available in this course. Learn from ground zero and slowly make your way up to Blog Monetization.