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90 Minute Free   Workout

Squad Ninja & Ivan Bayross are doing a FREE 90 minute webinar on copywriting.

We want to identify a few people, dead serious about building a career (and a great income) via copywriting.

The great thing about having top notch copywriting skills is:

  • You can freelance and make a decent side income
  • Sell these skills to the highest bidder to become an employee
  • Do both

Do note we mentioned – top notch – please.

Do you think this career path appeals to you?

Spare 30 seconds to register.

We’ll send you the copywriting webinar access link via Email.

During this webinar driven, copywriting workout, we are focusing on:

  • Skills needed
  • Techniques used
  • Tools used
  • To create arresting, engaging copy that helps sell like crazy

There are two fabulous eBooks, written by Ivan Bayross, for download for all webinar attendees. He’s never given these eBooks to anyone before.

  1. A Sensible Guide To Copywriting – 33 pages.
  2. A Copywriting Checklist Just For You – 8 pages

Spare 30 seconds to register.